Adjectives for Automatic

Adjectives For Automatic

Explore our curated list of adjectives for 'automatic,' showcasing descriptors like semi, non, and new. This comprehensive guide enriches your vocabulary, enhancing your writing with well-crafted sentences for each adjective. Perfect for professional and creative use, delve into the nuances of 'automatic' and its associated adjectives.

semiThe mechanic used a semi automatic drill to finish the project quickly.
nonThe machine is non automatic
newThe part maintenance department received a new automatic washer.
manualThe manual automatic transmission is a type of gearbox that allows the driver to change gears manually or automatically.
fullyThe newly developed laundry machine is fully automatic
fullThe machine is full automatic
handThe hand automatic was too sensitive.
spindleThe spindle automatic is a versatile and efficient machine that can be used for a variety of tasks.
vocalThe vocal automatic alerted the guards of the potential threat.
type"Type automatic" is a mode where the user doesn't need to interact to start the action.
offThe machine is off automatic
adpADP automatic provides payroll services for businesses of all sizes.
pseudoThe file was processed by a pseudo automatic system.
quasiThe quasi automatic system is designed to reduce human effort.
canadianThe Canadian automatic Firearm Safety Act (CAFCSA) was enacted in 1995.

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