Adjectives for Availability

Adjectives For Availability

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing availability, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the availability of a product or service can significantly influence the perception of your audience. A ready availability suggests immediate access, inviting a sense of ease and convenience. On the other hand, a limited availability might create a sense of urgency or exclusivity, potentially driving faster decision-making. When availability is described as non, it directly signals scarcity or unavailability, which could lead to disappointment or the pursuit of alternatives. Highlighting high or greater availability can reassure the audience of abundance and reliability. Conversely, widespread availability portrays both ease of access and popularity. Each adjective paints a different shade of access and expectation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can describe availability and the subtle nuances they convey in the list below.
readyThe ready availability of information on the internet has changed the way we learn.
limitedThe restaurant has a limited availability of tables, so please make a reservation in advance.
nonThe non availability of the product made it difficult to complete the order.
highThe system is designed with high availability ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime.
greaterGreater availability of goods and services led to higher living standards.
widespreadThe widespread availability of the internet has changed the way we live.
easyThe easy availability of information online has changed the way we learn.
lowThe low availability of the product made it difficult to meet customer demand.
generalWe are pleased to announce the general availability of our new product.
wideThe wide availability of the new product made it a popular choice among consumers.
localI'm sorry, I cannot provide real-time local availability information. Please check with your local store for up-to-date availability.
commercialWe are excited to announce the commercial availability of our new product.
immediateThe position requires immediate availability
relativeThe financial indicators of the company vary significantly depending on the relative availability of raw materials in remote areas.
futureI'm sorry, but I cannot predict future availability at this time.
totalDr. Avery's total availability is from 8 am to 5 pm.
currentWe apologize for the current availability of our services.
continuedThe continued availability of the service is not guaranteed.
recentWith the recent availability of the new data, we are able to make more informed decisions.
sexualSexual availability is a complex and multifaceted construct that has been studied by scholars from a variety of disciplines.
overallThe restaurant can offer you a 95% overall availability
seasonalThis produce is picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure seasonal availability and freshness.
widerThe new technology will lead to wider availability of the product.
higherThe system ensures higher availability of applications.
biologicalThe biological availability of a drug refers to the amount of active drug that reaches the systemic circulation.
universalThe universal availability of the internet has changed the way we live and work.
substrateThe rate of the reaction is limited by substrate availability
actualWe will confirm your reservation based on actual availability
emotionalShe values emotional availability in a relationship.
continuousOur infrastructure offers continuous availability to ensure seamless services.
potentialThe potential availability of resources is crucial for the project's success.
constantThe doctor's constant availability reassured the patients.
reducedThe reduced availability of the product caused a surge in prices.
systemicThe systemic availability of the drug was approximately 90%.
freeThe free availability of books has made it easier for people to learn.
adequateThe new warehouse will have adequate availability of storage space to meet future demand.
poorThe lack of resources and poor availability made it tough to finish the job.
mereThe mere availability of resources does not guarantee their equitable distribution.
betterThe company is experiencing better availability with the new platform in place.
timelyThe timely availability of the data allowed us to make informed decisions.
maximumOur goal is to provide maximum availability of our services.
averageThe average availability of the new service is 99.9%.
inadequateThe project was delayed due to inadequate availability of resources.
termThe system will check all the term availability in the database.
domesticWe struggle to understand that the consequences of this agreement will lead to forcing the citizens of this country to rely on domestic availability without having any choice in the matter.
restrictedTickets for the concert have restricted availability
netThe net availability of the product is low.
rawThe raw availability of the data made it difficult to analyze.
operationalThe operational availability of the system is 99.9%.
selectiveThe military's selective availability policy degraded GPS accuracy for civilian users.
suddenThe sudden availability of funds allowed us to move forward with the project.
differentialThe differential availability of resources across different regions can lead to disparities in economic development.
permanentThe permanent availability of goods and services has become a requisite of modern life.
globalThe global availability of goods has improved significantly in recent years.
rapidThe rapid availability of information has changed the way we consume news.
hourThe employee has limited hour availability during the weekends.
oralThe oral availability of the drug was high.
unlimitedThis library provides unlimited availability of resources.
abundantThe abundant availability of resources in the region has led to economic prosperity.
insufficientThe insufficient availability of resources has caused delays in project completion.
enhancedThe new system offers enhanced availability ensuring minimal downtime.
simultaneousThe simultaneous availability of multiple products ensured customer satisfaction.
easierThe easier availability of technology has changed the way we live.
regionalThe new product is subject to regional availability
sheerThe sheer availability of resources has made it difficult to prioritize tasks.
instantThis service offers instant availability to ensure that your needs are met immediately.
physiologicalThe physiological availability of a drug is a measure of the fraction of administered drug that reaches the systemic circulation.
roundI can check the round availability for you now if you'd like.
onlineThe company offers online availability for its customers 24/7.
likelyThe likely availability of the product is the end of next week.
apparentThe apparent availability of the product was high.

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