Adjectives for Ave

Adjectives For Ave

Discover the most common adjectives for 'ave', spanning from '5th' to '17th'. Ideal for those looking to enrich their vocabulary or find the perfect descriptor, our list includes examples like '5th Ave' and '17th Ave', complete with sentences for context. Dive into our comprehensive guide and elevate your linguistic expression.

5thThe elegant shops along 5th ave always beckon her to spend more than she intended.
6thTake a left on 6th ave and it will be on your left.
17thI live on 17th ave
16thI live on 16th ave
19thI drove down 19th ave this morning.
18thI'll meet you on 18th ave near the park.
fifthI strolled down Fifth ave admiring the towering skyscrapers and chic boutiques.
20thTurn left onto 20th ave
4thI'll meet you at the corner of 4th ave and 2nd St.
10thI'm headed down 10th ave
11thTake a left onto 11th ave and go 1 block.
westI live on the west ave
13thTurn left onto 13th ave
wabashTurn left onto Wabash ave
easternI drove down Eastern ave and saw the new park.
eastTurn left on East ave
14thTake 14th ave to get to the mall.
24thTurn left at the intersection of Main Street and 24th ave
fourthI'm on Fourth ave and 9th St.
15thTake a left on 15th ave
northTurn left onto North ave
suiteSuite Avenue is a great place to live.
acushnetThe bus traveled on Acushnet ave to the end.
undergraduateTuition for in-state undergraduate ave is $12,000, while out-of-state undergraduate ave is $36,000
principalI live on the corner of Principal ave and Cedar St.
southTurn right onto South ave
nearThe house is located near ave Maria University.
8thI'm headed down 8th ave to meet a friend.
oppositeThe opposite avenue is across the street.
dayIt was not even day ave
libraryThe library ave is closed on Sundays.
9thTurn left onto 9th ave
12thHe'll be driving down 12th ave this afternoon.
doubleI took a double ave down the road.
3rdTurn right onto 3rd ave
201The address is 201 ave
michiganI love walking down Michigan Avenue.
atlanticI'm walking down Atlantic ave looking for a place to eat.
230The address is 230 ave
2ndTurn right on 2nd ave
25thTurn right on 25th ave and go two blocks.
netI am walking down the street along net ave
seventhLet's meet at the corner of Seventh ave and 37th St.
378-388The address is 378-388 ave.
expensiveThe expensive avenue was lined with luxury boutiques.
interiorThe interior avenue was alive with the sounds of the city.
familyWe had a lovely time at the family ave
seventeenthI live on Seventeenth ave
30thThe bus stop is located at 30th ave and Main St.
57thMy house is on the corner of Main Street and 57th ave
hungaryTurn left onto Hungary ave
750I live on 750 ave
busyThe busy avenue was filled with cars and pedestrians.
29thI live on 29th ave
26th26th ave was closed because of a car accident.
testThe test average for the class is 95.
cruxCrux ave painfully bitter to me.
959I live on 959 ave
columbusTake Columbus ave to the Embarcadero.

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