Adjectives for Avg

Adjectives For Avg

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing avg, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'avg' significantly alters the context and highlights various aspects of the subject matter. For instance, 'annual avg' emphasizes a recurrent, yearly perspective, offering insights into trends or patterns over time. 'Total avg' suggests a comprehensive overview, aggregating data across multiple dimensions. 'Year avg,' similar to 'annual,' focuses on a specific period, often used in comparisons or growth assessments. The adjective 'select' when paired with 'avg,' narrows down the focus to a particular subset or criteria, indicating a more refined or targeted analysis. Meanwhile, 'average avg' brings attention to the mean or median, providing a baseline for evaluation. 'NDSL avg,' although more niche, indicates a specific area of interest or a particular dataset. Understanding these nuances can greatly enhance the interpretation and application of data, opening up a broader discussion. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'avg' to uncover more insights.
annualThe annual avg for rainfall in this region is 45 inches.
totalThe total avg of the team is 88 points.
weightedThe weighted avg of the dataset is 0.5.
seasonalThe seasonal avg temperature is 65 degrees.
yearlyThe yearly avg is 85 C.
bestThe best avg is 98%
highThe high avg temperature in July is 86 degrees.
constantinvsConstantinvs avg was the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire.
effluentThe total effluent avg was 92%.
localThe local avg is 15.67%.
loansThe company's loans avg 2% interest.
daily"Daily avg" of new COVID cases rose this week.
normalThis is a normal avg example.
lossThe loss avg was 0.001.
doubleThe double avg of the numbers is 10.
currentThe current avg is 90
aggregateInput the sum total of the weights divided by the total number of entities to calculate the aggregate avg
obverseThe obverse avg of a coin is the side with the main design.
meanThe mean avg of the student's test scores was a 95.
overallThe overall avg is 8.5.
scaleI need to scale avg first.
cityThe city avg temperature is 50 degrees.
froshFrosh avg GPA was 4.2.
actualThe actual avg number of steps is 6500.
lowestThe city with the lowest avg temperature in January is San Francisco.
monthlyThe monthly avg is 100.
testThis sentence includes the word 'test avg'.
windThe wind avg is 5 mph.
percentThe percent avg of students who passed the test was 85%.
decentralThe decentral avg of the returns is 10%.
costThe company's cost avg was $10 per share.
reportedThe reported avg bounce rate is around 2.0%.
gameThe player had a game avg of 20 points and 10 rebounds.
dietaryMy dietary avg is 2,000 calories a day.
arithmeticThe arithmetic avg of the three numbers is 5.
highestStudents with the highest avg scores advanced to the next round.
cycleThe cycle avg for the last 20 days is 78.4.

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