Adjectives for Award

Adjectives For Award

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing award, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an award can significantly alter its perceived value and prestige. A first award implies groundbreaking achievement, whereas the highest award signifies unsurpassed quality or performance. An average award may seem ordinary but marks consistent performance, while an annual award highlights steady recognition. Nevertheless, a prestigious award denotes distinction and honor, setting it apart in its field, whereas a special award can spotlight unique or exceptional contributions. Each adjective weaves its own narrative about the award, influencing how it's received by audiences and the honoree. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'award' to capture its essence vividly.
firstShe won a first award in the singing competition.
highestHe was awarded the highest award of the nation.
averageThe average award for the prize is $5,000.
annualThe annual award ceremony was held in the grand ballroom of the hotel.
prestigiousThe scientist was honored to receive the prestigious award for his groundbreaking research.
specialThe student received a special award for his outstanding academic achievement.
monetaryShe was awarded a large monetary award for her work.
finalThe arbitrator's final award has not yet been rendered.
nationalThe scientist won a national award for her groundbreaking research.
secondThe athlete won the second award after running the marathon.
bestThe researcher received the best award for his outstanding contribution.
punitiveThe court imposed a punitive award of $10,000 to deter future misconduct.
presidentialShe proudly displayed her presidential award on the mantle.
literaryThis young author won his first literary award before graduating from college.
topThe scientist received the top award in the field of physics.
majorThe actor won a major award for his performance in the film.
internationalThe play won an international award
communalThe British policy of communal award was the main reason for the partition of India in 1947.
originalThey received an original award for their contributions to the field.
interimThe court granted the plaintiff an interim award of $10,000.
timeThe time award was given to the fastest runner.
additionalThe additional award was given to the student with the highest marks.
posthumousShe earned a posthumous award for her work.
yearThe company has won the year award for its outstanding performance.
formalThe formal award was given to the most outstanding student.
maximumThe maximum award for the lottery is one million dollars.
distinguishedMary was proud to receive such a distinguished award
thirdHe won the third award in the competition.
financialThe company offered her a generous financial award for her work.
outstandingIt was a proud moment for him to receive the outstanding award
civilianThe president presented the civilian award to the first responders.
preThe team identified the pre award opportunity and began preparing the proposal.
overThe CEO will present an over award to the best salesperson.
honoraryThe university gave him an honorary award for his contributions to science.
federalWe received a federal award to study the effects of climate change.
largestThe largest award for a single painting was $82.5 million.
covetedThe coveted award was bestowed upon the young scientist for her groundbreaking research.
postThe post award process can be complex and time-consuming.
academicShe got an academic award for her outstanding performance.
partialThe partial award was given to the student for their exceptional effort.
immediateThe scholarship committee announced the immediate award of the prize to the most outstanding student.
generousThe philanthropist received a generous award for his charitable contributions.
jointThe recipient of the joint award was hailed as a global leader in the field.
bindingThe arbitrator's binding award was issued on March 15, 2023.
valuableThe employee was honored this year with a valuable award for employee of the year.
ableHe was given the able award for his invention.
minimumThe minimum award is $1,000.
judicialThe judicial award was appealed to the Supreme Court.
fourthShe was awarded the fourth award for her outstanding performance.
validThe court found the original award to be void and a valid award was not made by the arbitrators.
medianThe median award for personal injury cases was $50,000.
ultimateThe ultimate award is the Nobel Prize.
basedThe researcher was surprised to receive a based award for her work.
dollarThe dollar award for the contest was $1,000.
humanitarianThe humanitarian award recognized the organization's efforts in providing aid to refugees.

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