Adjectives for Awards

Adjectives For Awards

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing awards, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe awards can deeply influence the perceived prestige and significance of the accolades. Whether they are many, highlighting the abundance and diversity, or numerous, stressing the sheer volume, each word paints a unique picture. Describing awards as several might suggest a modest collection, whereas other can introduce an element of surprise or variety. The use of national elevates the honor to a country-wide recognition, while annual awards establish traditions and anticipation. The nuances in these adjectives shape our understanding and appreciation of the achievements they acknowledge. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives connected with awards to enhance your descriptions below.
manyHer remarkable contributions in the field of science have earned her many awards
numerousThe scientist has won numerous awards for her ground-breaking research.
severalShe has won several awards for her work.
otherShe has won a Pulitzer Prize and other awards during her career.
nationalThe students were honored with national awards for their academic achievements.
annual"Annual Awards" is an event that recognizes outstanding achievements in a particular field or industry
specialThe organization gives special awards to employees with exemplary service.
internationalThe film won several international awards and was a critical and commercial success.
prestigiousShe has won many prestigious awards for her work.
majorThe movie has won several major awards
literaryShe won many literary awards for her remarkable writing in the 19th century.
variousThe student received various awards for her academic achievements.
monetaryThe winners will receive monetary awards in recognition of their achievements.
highestThe company has won numerous highest awards for its commitment to quality and innovation.
individualThe team was recognized for their collective efforts, but several players also received individual awards
foreignShe won several foreign awards
financialThe company gave financial awards to its top performers.
academicThe high school offered academic awards to its top scholars.
federalThe organization received over $2 million in federal awards last year.
followingThe following awards were presented at the ceremony.
specificThe company has won many specific awards for its outstanding work.
topShe was given top awards for her great work.
additionalThe student received additional awards for his academic achievements.
industrialThe company has received several industrial awards for its innovative products.
multipleHer incredible performance in the movie earned her multiple awards
athleticThe athletes were excited to receive their athletic awards
professionalShe has received numerous professional awards during her career.
environmentalThe organization has won many environmental awards for its work.
honoraryThe university bestows honorary awards on those who have made significant contributions to society.
distinguishedHe has received numerous distinguished awards for his work.
substantialThe claimants received substantial awards for their injuries.
competitiveThe students competed for competitive awards
regionalI was honored to receive regional awards for my outstanding performance.
outstandingThe employee received several outstanding awards for his contributions to the company.
presidentialThe students were honored with presidential awards for their academic achievements.
yearThe company has received numerous year awards for its dedication to customer service.
incentiveThe company offers incentive awards to employees who exceed expectations.
posthumousThe author continues to receive posthumous awards for his work.
excessiveThe excessive awards for the top brass had to be rolled back.
countlessThe scientist received countless awards for his groundbreaking research.
architecturalThe project has won numerous architectural awards
generousThe organization provided generous awards to the top three finishers.
primeThe actors were awarded prime awards for their stellar performances.
partialThe board of directors approved partial awards to the winning teams.
interimThe judge announced three interim awards to the runners.
hugeThe company received huge awards for its groundbreaking work in AI research.
postgraduateMany postgraduate awards are offered by the university.
covetedThe organization presented the coveted awards to its outstanding volunteers.
consecutiveThe company has won three consecutive awards for its sustainability practices.
discretionaryThe company gave discretionary awards to employees who had exceeded expectations.
timeTime awards perseverance and consistency.
creativeThe company has won several creative awards for its innovative designs.

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