Adjectives for Baby

Adjectives For Baby

Discover the perfect adjectives for baby to enhance your vocabulary and enrich your writing. From describing a 'new baby' with excitement to the warmth of a 'little baby', our list covers 'newborn' joy to the pride of a 'first baby'. Embrace the beauty and magic of these moments through carefully chosen words.

newWe welcomed a new baby into the family last week.
littleThe little baby slept soundly in her crib.
newbornThe newborn baby slept soundly in her mother's arms.
firstI can't wait to meet my first baby
oldThe old baby dinosaur was the cutest of the bunch.
poorThe poor baby was crying all night.
healthyThe mother gave birth to a healthy baby
tinyThe tiny baby slept peacefully in its mother's arms.
youngThe young baby slept soundly in its crib.
unbornThe unborn baby is likely to develop normally.
beautifulThe beautiful baby sleeps soundly in her mother's arms.
prematureThe premature baby weighed only two pounds.
bornThe newly-born baby girl was sleeping in her mother's arms.
bigThe big baby slept soundly in his crib.
secondWe are so excited to welcome our second baby into the world.
normalThis eight-pound baby is a normal baby and healthy.
sweetI love my sweet baby so much.
dearDear baby I hope you grow up to be a kind and loving person.
prettyThe pretty baby's smile brightened up the entire room.
happyThe happy baby giggled with joy as his father tickled his feet.
preciousShe can't take her precious baby with her on the trip
averageThe average baby sleeps for around 16 hours a day.
termThe term baby was born at 40 weeks gestation.
liveThe live baby was born at 3:00 AM.
perfectShe is the perfect baby I have ever met.
helplessThe helpless baby cried for hours.
mereThe mere baby giggled happily.
hungryThe hungry baby cried for her bottle.
illegitimateThe illegitimate baby was born in a small town in rural America.
blueThe doctor said the blue baby was okay.
innocentThe innocent baby brought joy to the entire family.
wellThe well baby had a routine checkup.
lovelyThe lovely baby slept peacefully.
eyedShe stared at the eyed baby with wonder and affection.
maleHe is the male baby of the family.
brownThe little boy played with his brown baby doll.
stillbornThe stillborn baby was tiny, weighing less than a pound.
tarI got myself into a sticky situation with that tar baby
niceLook at that nice baby
colickyThe colicky baby kept the new parents awake all night.
cuteThe cute baby giggled with glee.
monthMy month baby is so precious to me.
wonderfulThe wonderful baby giggled with delight.
fussyThe fussy baby kept waking his parents up throughout the night.
poundMy best friend from childhood was a loyal and cuddly pound baby that I named Buster.
blindThe blind baby reached out for her mother's face.
quietThe quiet baby slept soundly in its crib.
unwantedThe unwanted baby was left on the doorstep of the orphanage.
breastfedIt is important to make sure that the breastfed baby is latched on properly.
sicklyThe sickly baby struggled to breathe, his tiny chest heaving with each labored breath.
chubbyThe chubby baby was giggling and cooing in its sleep.
byeBye baby I'll see you later.
uglyThe ugly baby made me laugh.
easyEasy baby don't worry about it.
expectedThe expected baby is due to arrive in March.
cryThe cry baby stopped crying when he got his bottle.
okayOkay baby I'll do it.
deformedThe deformed baby was born with a rare genetic disorder.
yourYour baby is so beautiful.
headedThe headed baby was born with a rare condition.

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