Adjectives for Badge

Adjectives For Badge

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing badge, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the right adjective to pair with the noun 'badge' can subtly alter its meaning and evoke different emotions or connotations. A 'red badge' might conjure images of courage or danger, while a 'distinctive badge' suggests uniqueness and recognition. The color, such as 'yellow', can set a specific mood or imply a level of caution, whereas 'distinguishing' emphasizes its role in identification. Terms like 'special' and 'official' further delineate the badge's importance or authority. The nuances these adjectives introduce create a richer, more precise description, allowing writers to convey exactly what they envision. For a deeper exploration into the myriad ways adjectives amplify the noun 'badge', discover the full list below.
redThe general pinned a red badge on the soldier's uniform.
distinctiveThe officer wore a distinctive badge on his uniform.
yellowThe old woman wore a yellow badge of honor on her coat.
distinguishingThat distinctive eagle is the distinguishing badge of the school.
specialThe officer showed me his special badge
officialThe official badge was required for entry into the secure area.
whiteThe white badge was a sign of his authority.
regimentalThe regimental badge was a silver eagle with outstretched wings.
smallHis small badge read 'Sheriff'.
littleShe displayed her little badge with pride.
usualThe private investigator removed his usual badge and displayed the other one that said 'U.S. Marshall'.
blueThe disabled driver parked his car in the blue badge space.
shinyThe officer proudly displayed his shiny badge
onlyThe only badge I have is for my attendance.
plasticThe employee wore a plastic badge around his neck.
peculiarThe peculiar badge was worn with pride.
goldenShe wore a golden badge on her lapel.
royalShe received a royal badge of honor for her services to the community.
trueThe boy wore a true badge of courage.
nationalThe national badge is a symbol of pride and unity for the country.
goldThe winner of the competition received a gold badge
personalThe employee must always wear his or her personal badge while working.
bigThe security guard wore a big badge on his uniform.
blackThe security guard was wearing a black badge and dark sunglasses.
ancientThe ancient badge was discovered in the ruins of the temple.
honourableHe wore an honourable badge on his uniform.
greenThe employee with the green badge is authorized to enter the restricted area.
visibleHe wore his visible badge with pride, a symbol of his dedication to his work.
appropriateThe security guard at the bank was wearing an appropriate badge
shapedThe police officer wore a shaped badge on his uniform.
veryThe officer displayed her very badge with pride.
outwardThey bore, however, no outward badge of sorrow.
heraldicThe heraldic badge of the royal family is a griffin.
mereThe mere badge was not enough to convince me of his authority.
proudThe proud badge glistened in the sunlight, a symbol of his unwavering dedication.
roundHe had a round badge on his jacket.
circularThe circular badge on his uniform indicated that he was a ranking officer.
properThe officer showed me his proper badge
sacredHer sacred badge marked her as a member of the elite guard.
brightStanding in front of me was a man wearing a bright badge
ovalThe oval badge pinned to his lapel indicated his status as a senior member of the organization.
honoraryShe received an honorary badge for her bravery.
externalThe external badge must be worn at all times while on company property.
temporaryCan I see your temporary badge please?
knownThe detective showed his known badge to the suspect.
lovellI found a Lovell badge on the ground.
favouriteI proudly displayed my favourite badge on my uniform.
standardThe Olympic standard badge is given to athletes who have met certain criteria.
eagleThe Boy Scouts had to earn their eagle badges before they could go on the camping trip.
universalThe universal badge was accepted everywhere he went.
famousHe was given a famous badge for his contribution to research
beautifulShe proudly wore her beautiful badge a symbol of her years of dedicated service.
conspicuousThe security guard's conspicuous badge glinted in the sunlight.
fakeThe fake badge allowed him to sneak into the restricted area.
honorableThe detective proudly displayed his honorable badge on his uniform.
presidentialThe presidential badge was proudly displayed on his lapel.
bronzeHe was awarded a bronze badge for his bravery.
ultimateThe ultimate badge of honor is a symbol of bravery and sacrifice.
permanentThe permanent badge granted her access to all areas of the facility.
uniformThe officer showed me his uniform badge
gloriousThe policeman wore his glorious badge with pride.
laminatedThe laminated badge was clipped to her uniform.
giltThe gilt badge was a symbol of honor and prestige.
embroideredThe embroidered badge adorned the breast pocket of her uniform.
plainThe officer flashed his plain badge
enamelledShe proudly wore the enamelled badge that announced her status in the community.
sureI can show you my sure badge if you want.

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