Adjectives for Bag

Adjectives For Bag

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bag, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a bag can subtly change its perception, evoking different emotions and images. A plastic bag evokes thoughts of convenience and environmental concern, while a small or little bag suggests something personal and portable. The color adjectives, such as black or brown, not only describe the visual aspect but also add a layer of sophistication or earthiness, respectively. A large bag, on the other hand, speaks to spaciousness and utility. Each adjective weaves its own story, enriching the simple noun with depth and context. Discover the full spectrum of nuances by exploring the complete list of adjectives paired with 'bag' below.
plasticI put the groceries in a plastic bag
smallI keep my phone and wallet in a small bag
littleShe had a little bag of groceries.
blackI saw a strange man carrying a black bag
largeThe large bag was filled with clothes and books.
brownShe packed her lunch in a brown bag
mixedThis mixed bag of flavors was a delightful treat.
bigI packed my big bag for the trip.
oldThe old bag was filled with old clothes.
overnightI packed my overnight bag with essential items for the trip.
heavyThe boxer punched the heavy bag with all his strength.
emptyThe empty bag was lying on the floor.
greenI put the green bag on the table.
whiteThe lady carrying a white bag ran across the street.
blueI put my lunch in the blue bag
medicalThe paramedic rushed to the aid of the injured hiker, carrying a medical bag
redShe was carrying a red bag
netI put the groceries in the net bag
icePlace the ice bag on the bruise to reduce swelling.
poundI bought a pound bag of rice from the grocery store.
hugeThe delivery person carried a huge bag filled with groceries.
handShe carried a designer hand bag on her arm.
leathernThe old peddler had a leathern bag full of trinkets.
clearI packed my belongings in a clear bag
jellyThe jellyfish had a jelly bag that was translucent.
gameThe hunter proudly displayed his game bag filled with the day's catch.
mailI eagerly searched through the mail bag for a letter from my distant friend.
diplomaticThe diplomatic bag contained sensitive documents.
waterproofI put my toiletries in a waterproof bag before going on my trip.
postThe post bag was overflowing with letters.
hotShe used a hot bag to relieve the pain.
doubleCan you please double bag the groceries?
resealableThe cookies were packaged in a resealable bag to keep them fresh.
tinyShe carried a tiny bag with her essentials.
filledThe filled bag weighed over 50 pounds.
sandThe sand bag was filled with sand to weigh down the tent.
yellowThe yellow bag was sitting on the table.
cleanI put my lunch in a clean bag
wetThe wet bag was hanging on the doorknob
beadedShe looked into her beaded bag for her keys.
thinHe put the groceries in a thin bag
skinHe was just a skin bag filled with nothing but air.
softThe soft bag held the traveler's belongings.
spongeMolly put her makeup brushes in the sponge bag
lockI put the clothes in a lock bag and sealed it.
shapedI hung the misshapen shaped bag over the coat rack.
closedThe closed bag contained a mystery prize.
windThe politician spent more than two hours on stage talking and talking but was essentially just a wind bag
sterileThe sterile bag contained the necessary medical supplies for the surgery.
meshI put the groceries in the mesh bag
bulgingShe carried a bulging bag filled with groceries.
warmThe warm bag was placed on my lap.
sizedI need a large-sized bag for my trip.
inflatingShe pulled the string attached to the inflating bag
beanI flopped down on the bean bag sinking into its soft embrace.
membranousThe membranous bag contained a strange fluid that shimmered in the light.
zipperedThe vendor gave me my change in a zippered bag
enormousShe carried an enormous bag filled with all her belongings.
transparentThe bridesmaid carried a large transparent bag filled with lavender petals.
dirtyThe dirty bag sat on the dirty street.
elasticThe elastic bag bounced back to its original shape after being stretched.
embroideredShe carried an embroidered bag filled with her favorite books.
chamoisThe hunter stored his kill in the chamois bag
silkenShe pulled the silken bag of flour out of the cupboard.
flexibleI stored my clothes in a flexible bag
theThe boy picked up the bag that was on the floor.
paperThe paper bag was filled with groceries.
dressingThe bathroom counter was cluttered with a dressing bag makeup brushes, and hairspray.
cellophaneThe cellophane bag contained a variety of candies.

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