Adjectives for Bags

Adjectives For Bags

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bags, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The use of adjectives with the noun 'bags' can dramatically alter its connotation and detail the specific type being referred to. A 'plastic' bag implies a material, often associated with shopping or low durability, while 'small' or 'large' bags denote size, indicating capacity or purpose. 'Little' bags might evoke a sense of charm or minimalism, whereas 'heavy' bags suggest a burden or substantial content. The adjective 'several' introduces quantity, preparing the reader for a discussion on multiple items. Each adjective paints a unique picture, refining the imagery and function of 'bags' in various contexts. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can describe 'bags' and the richness they add to our understanding.
plasticThe store is banning plastic bags
smallThe store had small bags of chips on sale.
largeThe delivery man was carrying large bags of groceries.
littleThe teacher handed out little bags of candy to all the students.
heavyThe heavy bags lay on the ground.
severalI need to pack several bags for my trip.
brownThe children packed their lunches in brown bags
bigThe hikers carried big bags full of supplies.
blackThe police searched the suspect's car and found several black bags filled with stolen goods.
sandThe sand bags protected the house from the flood.
emptyHe carried two empty bags home with him.
poundI bought two pound bags of rice for the party.
sealedI carefully stored the items in sealed bags
netI prefer reusable produce net bags to plastic bags.
whiteI packed my belongings in white bags
hugeThe hikers carried huge bags filled with all their gear.
separatePlease separate your trash and recyclables into separate bags
greenThe hikers carried their belongings in large, green bags
filledThey filled bags with sand and placed them along the riverbank to prevent erosion.
iceHe applied ice bags to reduce swelling.
leathernThe peddler carted his wares in leathern bags
clearThe students packed their belongings into clear bags
tightThe bank robber made his getaway with tight bags of stolen loot.
smallerI carry two smaller bags when I go out for a walk.
blueThe boy filled the blue bags with recycled cans.
redThe man wore a pair of shiny red bags
hotThe hot bags were filled with soup.
overnightThe overnight bags were packed and ready to go.
disposableThe grocery store stopped offering disposable bags
waterproofI packed all my belongings in waterproof bags before the boat trip.
moneyI saw some money bags in the safe.
cellophaneWe use cellophane bags to keep our products fresh.
handShe loves fashion items like hand bags and scarves.
resealableStore cereal in resealable bags to prevent it from going stale.
tinyI packed my tiny bags and set off on my journey.
diplomaticThe diplomats carried diplomatic bags containing sensitive documents.
lockThe security guard scanned our lock bags before we boarded the plane.
wetThe wet bags were left out to dry.
extraMy flight was canceled because I had too many extra bags
meshI use mesh bags to hold my produce and keep it fresh.
dryWe packed our dry bags with all the essentials for our camping trip.
softI packed all of my belongings in soft bags
cleanWe need some clean bags
transparentThe transparent bags were filled with toiletries.
gameThe folds of the men's coats flopped like empty game bags
sterileThe sterile bags were used to store the medical equipment.
gunnyThe heavy gunny bags were filled with sand to reinforce the flood barrier.
sizedThe hiker had plenty of room for his gear in his three oversized bags.
yellowI packed my belongings in yellow bags
thinI packed my belongings in thin bags
enormousShe carried enormous bags full of groceries.
proofThe investigators transported the evidence in proof bags to the laboratory for analysis.
beadedShe carried her essential belongings in one of her beaded bags
dutyThe duty bags were filled with supplies for the soldiers.
packedThe hikers reached the base camp with their packed bags
shapedThe traveler carried two large, oddly shaped bags
beanThe children tossed around the bean bags during their game.
coarseThe workers filled the coarse bags with potatoes.
airtightI carefully sealed the documents in airtight bags to preserve their integrity.
paperThe shopkeeper filled the paper bags with flour.
flatThe courier carried flat bags
sizeI packed my belongings in various size bags for the trip.
bulgingThe woman carried bulging bags of groceries to her car.
linedShe had heavy lined bags under her tired eyes.
coloredThe colored bags held various objects.
fatThe fat bags were sitting on the couch.
flexibleWe filled the flexible bags with water so we could swing them around.
closedThe closed bags contained the donations for the charity.
dualI packed all my belongings into two large dual bags

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