Adjectives for Ban

Adjectives For Ban

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ban, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'ban' often conjures up a sense of prohibition, but when paired with specific adjectives like 'total,' 'complete,' 'nuclear,' 'comprehensive,' and 'general,' the context and severity of the restriction can significantly change. A 'total ban' implies no exceptions, while a 'nuclear ban' focuses more on a specific, highly impactful area. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, illustrating not just the breadth of the prohibition but its intended impact and scope. Understanding these subtleties in usage can greatly enhance both written and spoken communication, especially in legal, political, and social discourses. Delve into the complexities and uncover what each unique combination reveals in the full list of adjectives below.
totalThe government has decided to implement a total ban on the sale of fireworks.
completeThe government imposed a complete ban on all tobacco advertising.
nuclearThe nuclear ban treaty has been signed by over 100 countries.
comprehensiveThe UN has had a comprehensive ban on nuclear testing since 1996.
generalThe general ban on public gatherings during the pandemic has been gradually lifted.
absoluteThe government imposed an absolute ban on the sale of alcohol.
outrightThe government's outright ban on public gatherings has been met with mixed reactions.
yearThe player received a two-year ban for violating the league's drug policy.
officialThe official ban on smoking in public places was introduced in 2007.
legalThe legal ban on fishing has been in effect for several years.
constitutional"Treason against the United States" is subject to a constitutional ban
imperialThe rebels violated the imperial ban on gathering in large groups.
testThe test ban treaty was signed in 1963.
temporaryThe protesters faced a temporary ban from the city center.
partialThe new law includes a partial ban on single-use plastics.
papalIn the past, a papal ban meant a exclusion from the church community.
strictThe city council announced a strict ban on backyard pools.
internationalThe international ban on the sale of ivory has been in effect for over a decade.
permanentThe player received a permanent ban from the game for cheating.
similarThe bill would impose a similar ban on assault weapons to the one that was in effect from 1994 to 2004.
arriereThe king called the arriere ban to muster all able-bodied men for war.
immediateThe government has imposed an immediate ban on the sale of all fireworks.
globalThe global ban on trade in endangered species has been in effect for over two decades.
congressionalThe congressional ban on the sale of assault weapons has expired.
formalThe formal ban on alcohol during Prohibition led to widespread smuggling and bootlegging.
voluntaryThe company announced a voluntary ban on all social media advertising.
worldwideThe worldwide ban on ozone-depleting substances has been a major success in protecting the Earth's ozone layer.
limitedDue to recent events, the government implemented a limited ban on public gatherings.
militaryThe military ban on transgender people serving in the armed forces was lifted in 2021.
virtualThe new law will impose a virtual ban on smoking in public places.
statutoryThe statutory ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.
wideThe country introduced a wide ban on smoking in public places.
traditionalThe traditional ban on mobile phones in schools has been lifted.
flatThe government imposed a flat ban on smoking in all public places.
royalThe royal banishment sent shockwaves throughout the kingdom.
nationwideThe nationwide ban on smoking in public places has been in effect for several years.
earlierThe earlier ban on smoking in public places had been lifted.
universalThe universal ban on the hunting of the Red Panda has been in place since 2012.
legislativeThe court upheld the legislative ban on the sale of assault weapons.
monthThe player received a two month ban for unsportsmanlike conduct.
standingThe standing ban on smoking in public places has been in effect for several years.
explicitThe company has an explicit ban on smoking in the office.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical ban was a powerful tool used by the medieval Church to punish those who disobeyed its authority.
unilateralThe unilateral ban was met with widespread criticism.
continuedDespite the continued ban many people still seek out sugary drinks.
proThe pro ban group rallied for stricter gun laws.
wartimeThe wartime ban on luxury goods was a necessary evil to conserve resources.
romeRome ban is not a thing.
dayThe day ban on alcohol sales was lifted for the holiday.
atmosphericThe atmospheric ban on nuclear weapons tests has been in place since 1963.
unofficialThe unofficial ban on the sale of alcohol was lifted after the elections.
statewideThe statewide ban on smoking in public places went into effect today.
yangThere were clear distinctions between the yang ban and commoners during the Joseon period.
governmentalThe governmental ban on certain items has been in place for over a decade.
islamicThe islamic ban suspended the entry of citizens from seven muslim-majority countries and all refugees indefinitely.

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