Adjectives for Band

Adjectives For Band

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing band, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a band can dramatically alter the perception of the musical ensemble in question. Whether it's a narrow band of musicians specializing in a specific genre, or a wide band encompassing a broad array of sounds and talents, adjectives enrich our descriptions with subtle nuances. A small band suggests intimacy and a close-knit group, while a large band hints at grandeur and a vast musical repertoire. The adjective black might evoke a particular style or theme. Each adjective weaves a unique story, coloring our understanding of the band's identity and sound. Explore the full range of adjectives to discover the perfect fit for your description below.
narrowThe narrow band of light from the laser made it possible to measure the distance to the moon accurately.
littleThe little band of musicians played with great enthusiasm.
smallThe small band played lively music at the local pub.
wideThe receiver had a wide band of frequencies.
blackThe drummer played a repetitive beat on his black band's drum.
whiteThe white band played a lively set of classic rock songs.
singleThe single band does not support multiple frequencies.
militaryThe military band played a rousing march that filled the air with its energetic beat.
bigThe big band's horns blared out a lively tune.
wholeI used to be in a whole band playing the guitar and I loved it.
darkThe dark band played a haunting melody.
redThe red band around the pole indicated that it should not be touched.
elasticHe kept the letters together with an elastic band
strongIt was a strong band playing at the concert last night.
thinThe thin band of clouds stretched across the horizon.
yellowThe yellow band played a lively tune.
entireThe entire band played their hearts out at the concert.
horizontalThe bed had a horizontal band of blue trim
continuousThe steel machinery vibrates with a continuous band of rhythmic noise.
fibrousThis fibrous band extended across the floor of the ventricle and was continuous with a fibrous band connecting the mitral and tricuspid orifices.
upperThe upper band of the spectrum is visible light.
blueThe blue band played a lively tune at the park.
pieceThe piece band played a beautiful symphony.
flatI really enjoy the flat band sound.
gallantThe gallant band of knights rode through the forest, their armor glinting in the sunlight.
iliotibialI was injured and discovered I had a tight iliotibial band
thickThe thick band of hikers made their way through the dense forest.
armedThe armed band attacked the village at dawn.
regimentalThe regimental band played a lively march as the soldiers marched past.
brightThe bright band is a result of the bending of light waves as they pass through the atmosphere.
brownHe put on his brown band to represent the cause.
greenThe green band showed a nice performance on stage.
diagonalThe diagonal band of rain clouds stretched across the horizon.
lateralThe lateral band of the planarian is a stripe of ciliated tissue that runs along the midline of the ventral surface.
tightThe tight band played with great energy.
liveThe live band played a lively set of classic rock songs.
octaveThe octave band filter provides a 1/3 octave accuracy.
proportionalThe proportional band is the range of values around the set point where the controller output is proportional to the error.
circularThe circular band of light illuminated the dark room.
nobleThey were a noble band but they were outmatched.
devotedThe devoted band of followers cheered wildly as their leader took the stage.
plainThe engagement ring featured a simple, plain band adorned with a solitaire diamond.
selectThe select band played at the festival last night.
manThe man band played rock music at the concert.
longitudinalThe longitudinal band of fibers in the midbrain is known as the medial lemniscus.
braveThe brave band stood their ground, their hearts pounding with fear but their resolve unwavering.
verticalThe vertical band of color on the left side of the flag represents the country's rich history.
famousThe famous band played their greatest hits at the concert.
subThe bass response was lacking, so I added a sub band
widerI need a wider band to hold these books together.
paleThe pale band played a haunting melody.
coloredThe colored band around the pipe indicated the level of toxicity.
distinctThe ensemble performed with a distinct band that played traditional folk music.
posteriorThe posterior band of the corpus callosum is a thick band of white matter.
lowestThe lowest band frequency is 30-300 Hz.
medianThe median band is a measure of the typical value in a set of data.
tinyThe tiny band played a lively tune on the corner.
marginalThe marginal band contains about a hundred species.
sideThe side band frequencies are used for transmitting additional information.
intenseOur intense band's music has never sounded so good.

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