Adjectives for Bands

Adjectives For Bands

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bands, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe bands can intricately alter the perception and emotion of a sentence. A small band offers an intimate, perhaps struggling vibe, while a broad band could signify diversity or strength. A narrow band might suggest limitation or focus, depending on the context. Color adjectives like dark or black introduce a mood or style, potentially hinting at the genre or aesthetic. When we say several bands, we prepare the audience for variety and abundance. Each adjective paints a unique shade of imagery, highlighting different aspects and evoking varied emotions. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'bands' to vividly color your narratives below.
smallThe party was attended by small bands of people dressed in costume.
narrowThe narrow bands of color created a stunning visual effect.
broadThe curtains had broad bands of color along the bottom.
darkThe dark bands on Jupiter are caused by the circulation of gases in its atmosphere.
severalSeveral bands played at the festival.
blackThe police officers wore black bands on their badges to honor their fallen comrade.
whiteThe white bands painted around the columns were a striking contrast to the dark stone.
armedArmed bands guarded the gates of the castle.
horizontalThe painting was divided into three horizontal bands of red, green, and blue.
militaryThe military bands played patriotic tunes at the parade.
bigThe big bands played swing music that made people want to dance.
variousThe concert featured various bands from different genres.
fibrousThe fibrous bands of muscle tissue are responsible for contraction and relaxation.
redThe clown wore red bands on his arms.
elasticWrap the elastic bands around the box to keep it closed securely.
strongThe storm brought winds with strong bands and relentless rain throughout the night.
thinThe thin bands of sunlight filtered through the cracks in the blinds.
wideThe company's wide bands of spectrum will allow it to offer a variety of wireless services.
numerousNumerous bands performed at the festival with great energy.
trainedThe militia units of the English Civil War were known as trained bands
vertical"Stripes" is another name for "vertical bands".
longitudinalThe robust spine and longitudinal bands on the underside of the body give it an almost snake-like appearance.
distinctThe rock formations displayed distinct bands of color.
parallelThe colorful parallel bands of the flag fluttered in the gentle breeze.
yellowThe tree's trunk was covered in yellow bands
brightThe bright bands of light in the sky were a beautiful sight.
rovingRoving bands of raiders pillaged the countryside.
coloredThe jolly jester wore colored bands on his hat.
separateThe river cut the town into separate bands
irregularThe mountain's surface was streaked with irregular bands of color.
brownHe wore brown bands on his sleeves.
characteristicThe spectrum shows characteristic bands of the benzene ring.
vocalShe has damaged her vocal bands by screaming at the concert.
scatteredThe scattered bands of gold were found in a cave.
multipleThe festival featured multiple bands from a variety of genres.
oligoclonalResearchers examined cerebrospinal fluid for oligoclonal bands a sign of Multiple Sclerosis.
indianThe government has a trust responsibility to indian bands
concentricThe tree trunk exhibited concentric bands that revealed its age.
shearShear bands are narrow bands of intense shear deformation that occur in crystalline materials.
blueThe blue bands played a lively march.
alternateThe concert featured several alternate bands
thickThe thick bands held the heavy boxes down securely.
liveI love going to music festivals and hearing live bands
infraredThe infrared bands of the nebula show the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
spiralThe spiral bands of the galaxy stretched out before me, a breathtaking sight.
smallerThe festival featured a wide range of acts from chart toppers to smaller bands
hostileThe hostile bands exchanged gunfire across no man's land.
subThe sub bands were playing in the basement.
weakThe weak bands played on the radio throughout the night.
greenHe wore green bands around his wrists.
colouredThe rainbow is made of coloured bands
paleMonica saw pale bands of light in the sky.
denseThe dense bands of the myofibrils are the regions of overlap between the thick and thin filaments.
regimentalThe regimental bands played martial music as the soldiers marched past.
flatThe electrons move through the flat bands with ease.
continuousThe continuous bands of muscle tissue help the worm move.
lightThe light bands contrasted nicely with the dark background.
discreteThe spectrum shows discrete bands with maxima at 17,050 cm-1, 17,125 cm-1, 17,200 cm-1, and 17,275 cm-1, assigned to the CO stretching mode in the gas phase.
adjacentThe concert featured multiple adjacent bands performing in the same genre.
sharpThe radio played the Beatles with sharp bands
partisanPartisan bands harassed the enemy during the retreat.
muscularHe flexed his muscular bands showcasing his strength.
circularBiotite defines foliation by the alignment of its circular bands
maraudingThe countryside was ravaged by marauding bands of barbarians.
intenseThe intense bands of light danced across the sky.
prominentThe city's music scene boasts prominent bands like The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, and Interpol.
visibleThe prism separated the light into visible bands
molecularThe molecular bands of the gas were very faint.
wavyThe wind danced across the lake, creating wavy bands upon the water's surface.
faintThe faint bands of light illuminated the dark room.

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