Adjectives for Bandwidth

Adjectives For Bandwidth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bandwidth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe bandwidth can deeply influence the perception of internet quality and speed. Describing bandwidth as available emphasizes accessibility, while high or wide bandwidth implies superior internet performance. Conversely, narrow bandwidth might suggest limitations in data transmission. The choice between more and effective bandwidth further nuances discussions about efficient data use and the necessity for upgrades. Each adjective shapes our understanding of connectivity, highlighting the importance of precise language in tech communications. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives and their enlightening sentences below to navigate the subtleties of internet bandwidth discussions.
availableThere is an excellent movie available on YouTube, but I don't know if I have enough available bandwidth to watch it.
highThe fiber optic cable provides high bandwidth for fast internet access.
wideThe wide bandwidth of the system allows for high-speed data transfer.
moreThe new internet plan provides more bandwidth allowing for faster downloads and uploads.
effectiveThe effective bandwidth of the network is 100 Mbps.
totalThe total bandwidth of the network is 100 Gbps.
largeOur network can support this application due to its large bandwidth
limitedThe limited bandwidth caused the video to buffer frequently.
higherWe're going to need to upgrade our internet to something with higher bandwidth
lowThe low bandwidth made it difficult to stream the video.
maximumThe maximum bandwidth of the network is 100 megabits per second.
greaterThis new fiber-optic cable provides us with a greater bandwidth and better connectivity.
widerWe need a wider bandwidth to accommodate the increased demand for data.
sufficientThe server has sufficient bandwidth to handle large volumes of traffic.
minimumThe minimum bandwidth required for streaming is 500 Kbps.
fullI need full bandwidth to stream this video.
lessHe has less bandwidth for streaming videos now.
finiteThe finite bandwidth of the channel limited the data transfer rate.
largerWe need a larger bandwidth to support the increasing number of users.
criticalThe critical bandwidth of the channel is 10MHz.
broadThe new router offers broad bandwidth for quick internet access.
enoughThe network has enough bandwidth to support all the devices.
overallThe overall bandwidth requirement for the project is 100 megabits per second.
equivalentThe equivalent bandwidth of the system is 100 MHz.
entireThe entire bandwidth of the signal was used in the transmission.
additionalFirewall rules should allow additional bandwidth and connections to access the worker tier of API Gateway.
opticalOptical bandwidth can be expanded by using a variety of multiplexing techniques.
fractionalThe fractional bandwidth of the filter is 0.1.
lowerThe lower bandwidth connection slowed down the download speed.
narrowerThe narrower bandwidth led to a slower download speed.
infiniteThe high-fidelity system boasts infinite bandwidth enabling the reproduction of even the most nuanced audio details without distortion.
loopThe feedback loop bandwidth of a control system is a crucial factor in determining its stability.
necessaryThe necessary bandwidth for high-quality video streaming is 5 Mbps.
usableThe new router increased the usable bandwidth to 500 megabits per second.
excessThe new software caused some networking issues due to excess bandwidth
signalThe signal bandwidth is 10 MHz.
adequateThe internet connection had adequate bandwidth to support the live stream.
relativeThe relative bandwidth of the signal is 0.1.
constantThe constant bandwidth ensured a consistent data transmission rate.
smallerThe application requires an application traffic shaping policy with smaller bandwidth if it starts to perform poorly.
actualThe actual bandwidth for this application is 500 KHz.
extraThe new server has extra bandwidth to handle the increased traffic.
instantaneousThe instantaneous bandwidth of the connection was measured to be 100 megabits per second.
aggregateThe aggregate bandwidth of the network was insufficient to handle the load.
usefulThe useful bandwidth for the channel is 500 kHz.
averageThe average bandwidth of the internet connection is 100mbps.
broaderThe broader bandwidth allows for faster and more reliable internet connections.
nominalThe nominal bandwidth of this connection is 100 MHz.
audioThe audio bandwidth ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz.
electricalThe system's electrical bandwidth is 100 MHz.
requiredThe required bandwidth for this application is 10 Mbps.
fixedThe fixed bandwidth of the network is 100Mbps.
spatialTo achieve a compact optical implementation, we use a spatial bandwidth product of less than 1,000 in an optimized Fourier transform correlator.
occupiedThe occupied bandwidth was sufficient for the application to run smoothly.
optimalOur network's optimal bandwidth allows for seamless streaming and fast downloads.
spectralThe spectral bandwidth of the laser pulse was measured to be 1.5 nm.
variableThis network uses a variable bandwidth to accommodate different usage patterns.
unlimitedWith unlimited bandwidth you can download and upload files as much as you want.
theoreticalThe theoretical bandwidth of the new fiber optic cable is 100 gigabits per second.
upstreamThe upstream bandwidth is required to upload files to your website.
reducedThe reduced bandwidth affected the quality of the video stream.
insufficientSorry, I can't proceed as there is insufficient bandwidth
allThe app uses all bandwidth available in the network.
unusedThe company was able to save money by selling its unused bandwidth to other businesses.
wirelessThe wireless bandwidth is not enough for me to play online games.
typicalThe typical bandwidth for a broadband connection is around 25 megabits per second.
restrictedStreaming speeds are slow due to restricted bandwidth
amplifierThe amplifier bandwidth is the range of frequencies over which the amplifier can operate.
absoluteThe absolute bandwidth of the channel is 10 MHz.
measuredThe measured bandwidth of the network connection was insufficient for the high-volume data transfer.
reservedThe reserved bandwidth ensures fast and reliable internet connectivity.
correspondingEach pixel on the chip is able to do its own computations and then send its results to another pixel over a corresponding bandwidth
gainThe operational amplifier has a gain bandwidth of 1 MHz.
transmittedThe network's transmitted bandwidth is 100 Mbps.
normalizedThe upgraded system uses normalized bandwidth for efficient data transfer.
enormousThe latest storage systems can support enormous bandwidth
achievableThe achievable bandwidth is limited to 10 kbps in this scenario.
3dbThe 3db bandwidth of the amplifier is 100MHz.
rawThe raw bandwidth of the network is very high.
octaveThe octave bandwidth is the frequency range between two frequencies that are separated by an octave.
excessiveThe excessive bandwidth utilization caused the network to become congested.
closedWe have not yet measured the closed bandwidth of that pipeline.

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