Adjectives for Banks

Adjectives For Banks

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing banks, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe banks can illuminate different facets of their operation and influence. A commercial bank, for instance, highlights its engagement in deposit and loan services for businesses, while a central bank underscores its pivotal role in monetary policy and economic stability. The term foreign bank often brings to mind cross-border services and international finance dynamics. Similarly, national and private banks are distinguished by their ownership and operational scope, aligning either with governmental objectives or private interests. Lastly, local banks emphasize community roots and personalized services. Each adjective opens a window into the diverse world of banking, shedding light on their unique characteristics and societal roles. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with banks and unravel the nuances they add to our understanding of financial institutions.
commercialCommercial banks play a critical role in a modern economy.
centralCentral banks are responsible for managing the monetary system and controlling the money supply.
foreignMany foreign banks have branches in this city.
nationalThe national banks are required to hold a certain amount of their assets in Treasury securities.
privatePrivate banks offer a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses.
localLocal banks provide loans to their customers.
majorMajor banks are facing increasing pressure to adopt more sustainable practices.
japaneseThe Japanese banks are facing a number of challenges, including low interest rates and increasing competition.
americanAmerican banks are known for their size and global reach.
steepThe path wound along the steep banks of the river.
regionalRegional banks often offer more personalized service than large national banks.
mostMost banks offer a variety of services to their customers.
internationalMany international banks have adopted new regulations to prevent money laundering.
largestThe largest banks in the world are located in New York City.
bigI don't trust big banks
federalThe Federal Reserve system is made up of twelve regional federal banks
domesticDomestic banks are financial institutions that operate within a single country.
ownedThe consortium owned banks and insurance companies in various countries.
operativeHe has been working in banking industry and has been associated with different operative banks
germanGerman banks are some of the largest and most stable in the world.
stockStock banks are financial institutions that provide banking services to their shareholders.
mutualMutual banks offer a variety of financial services to their members.
britishBritish banks are among the most highly regulated in the world.
europeanEuropean banks are facing a number of challenges, including the rise of fintech companies and the increasing regulatory burden.
smallerThe new regulations would assist smaller banks
charteredCertain chartered banks are required to report the type of security to CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc.
cooperativeThe cooperative banks have played a key role in providing financial services to the rural areas.
ruralThe rural banks in this area provide essential financial services to the local community.
westernThe farmers on the western banks of the river were struggling with their crops.
jointThe two banks merged to form joint banks
largerWe will see more M&A activity among smaller banks looking to join larger banks
swissI have heard of swiss banks being very safe.
nationalisedThe nationalised banks have been lending more money to small businesses in recent years.
oppositeThe two armies faced each other on opposite banks of the river.
greenThe government has invested in green banks to promote renewable energy projects.
islamicIslamic banks follow the principles of Sharia law, which prohibits the payment and receipt of interest.
chineseChinese banks are facing increased scrutiny from regulators.
independentMany independent banks are struggling to compete with larger financial institutions due to higher expenses and tougher regulatory requirements.
canadianSome of the major Canadian banks are the Royal Bank of Canada, the Toronto-Dominion Bank, and the Bank of Montreal.
woodedThe wooded banks of the river provided shelter for the deer.
grassyI sat down upon the grassy banks and watched the shimmering river flow by.
rockyThe fast-flowing river had rocky banks
specializedSpecialized banks are financial institutions that focus on providing specific types of banking services to particular customer segments.
sandyThe river rushed past, leaving sandy banks in its wake
provincialProvincial banks can offer competitive interest rates on savings accounts.
sandThe boat headed towards the sand banks to avoid the rough sea.
multilateralMultilateral banks are owned and controlled by member countries.
muddyThe river's muddy banks collapsed under the weight of the floodwaters.
agriculturalThe government has decided to increase the lending capacity of agricultural banks
postalThe postal banks are a part of the financial system in many countries.
memberMember banks are important to the financial system.
universalUniversal banks are financial institutions that offer a wide range of financial services to both individuals and businesses.
easternThe eastern banks were dotted with small houses.
topThe top banks are all headquartered in major financial centers.
scottishScottish banks are among the safest in the world.
insuredI keep my money in insured banks
insolventThe government bailed out the insolvent banks
nonmemberSome nonmember banks may be subject to examination by their primary federal regulator.
overseasMultinational corporations often work with overseas banks to manage their finances.
multinationalMultinational banks operate in many countries around the world.
australianThe four major Australian banks are ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac.
mudWe walked along the river, past the mud banks and into the forest.
mexicanMexican banks are among the most profitable in Latin America.
biggestThe biggest banks in the world are HSBC, Bank of America, and JPMorgan Chase.

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