Adjectives for Banners

Adjectives For Banners

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing banners, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Banners, the quintessential symbols of expression, come to life when paired with the right adjectives. The shade of a banner, be it red for passion, white for peace, or black for solemnity, paints the backdrop for its message. Size matters too; a large banner grabs attention from afar, making bold statements that can't be ignored. Texture adds a layer of sophistication; a silken banner whispers of luxury and attention to detail. The color green might signify ecological awareness or fresh starts. Each adjective molds the banner into a more precise beacon of intent. To explore the full spectrum of adjectives bringing banners to life, see the collection below.
redThe red banners fluttered proudly in the wind.
whiteThe white banners fluttered in the wind.
blackHe saw black banners hanging in the hall.
silkenThe silken banners fluttered in the gentle breeze.
greenThe green banners fluttered in the wind.
brightThe stadium was adorned with bright banners that fluttered in the wind.
hugeThe huge banners swayed in the wind, advertising the upcoming concert.
colorfulParades are known for their colorful banners and music.
tatteredThe wind flapped against the tattered banners that led the parade.
royalBeneath the royal banners she stood tall.
longThe long banners fluttered in the wind.
blueThe blue banners fluttered in the wind.
gayThe gay banners fluttered in the breeze.
victoriousVictorious banners fluttered in the breeze, heralding their triumph
respectiveThe two teams entered the field, carrying their respective banners with pride.
crimsonThe crimson banners swayed in the wind, a striking contrast to the gray sky.
yellowThe yellow banners fluttered proudly in the breeze.
sacredThe procession carried sacred banners representing the different guilds of the city.
nationalPoliticians from different countries unfurled their national banners and sang national anthems at a global summit.
religiousThe religious banners hung proudly in the sanctuary, a testament to the faith of the congregation.
colouredThe coloured banners fluttered in the wind.
bigThe big banners were hanging in the hall.
militaryThe military banners fluttered proudly in the breeze.
imperialThe imperial banners fluttered in the wind, signaling the arrival of the emperor.
scarletThe scarlet banners waved proudly in the wind.
numerousNumerous banners hung from the building, proclaiming its grand reopening.
embroideredThe room was decorated with embroidered banners and colorful streamers.
gorgeousThe parade featured gorgeous banners that fluttered in the breeze.
beautifulThe parade was a riot of color with beautiful banners waving in the breeze.
goldenThe golden banners fluttered in the wind, announcing the arrival of the king.
hostileThe hostile banners waved in the breeze.
proudThe proud banners fluttered in the breeze, a testament to the city's resilience.
frenchThe french banners fluttered proudly in the wind.
gloriousBeneath the glorious banners of hope, a beacon of change emerged.
gaudyThe gaudy banners flapped in the wind, advertising a carnival that promised thrills and excitement.
chineseThe Chinese banners fluttered in the wind, their vibrant colors a welcome sight.
appropriateThey decorated the hall with appropriate banners for the celebration.
purpleThe purple banners billowed in the wind.
ancientThe ancient banners fluttered in the wind, a testament to the long and storied history of the kingdom.
heraldicThe castle walls were adorned with heraldic banners bearing the royal crest.
regimentalThe young soldiers marched proudly beneath the regimental banners
revolutionaryThe protesters marched through the streets, waving revolutionary banners
christianAs part of the protest, several Christian banners were displayed.
colourfulColourful banners fluttered in the summer breeze.
unfurledThe protestors unfurled banners that expressed their grievances.
triumphantThe triumphant banners declared their victory over the enemy.
innumerableThe battlefield was adorned with innumerable banners each emblazoned with a unique symbol or crest.
broadThe wind whipped the broad banners that adorned the ancient castle.
brilliantThe brilliant banners fluttered in the warm breeze.
holyThe holy banners fluttered in the breeze.
leafyThe trees waved their leafy banners in the wind.
processionalThe processional banners of deep red velvet, emblazoned with intricate gold thread, led the way for the royal family.
tallThe tall banners swayed in the wind.
countlessWe marched down the street beneath countless banners
communistThe protesters marched with communist banners and chanted slogans.
rivalThe rival banners waved proudly in the wind, each representing a different side of the conflict.
splendidThe splendid banners fluttered in the gentle breeze.
richThe website is adorned with rich banners that complement its modern design.
manchuThe Manchu banners formed the Eight Banners that were instrumental in the establishment of the Qing dynasty.
emblazonedThe emblazoned banners of the knights fluttered in the wind.
starryThe starry banners swayed gently in the night breeze.
spangledThe parade attendees admired the spangled banners on display.
enormousThe parade featured enormous banners with colorful designs.
giantThe stadium was decorated with giant banners celebrating the team's victory.
raggedThe tattered and ragged banners hung from the ruined walls.
turkishThe Turkish banners proclaimed victory.
dustyThe dusty banners hung limply from the rafters.
romanThe proud Roman banners waved valiantly in the fierce battle.
tornThe battle raged on, leaving torn banners in its wake.
likeThe trees stood like banners in the wind.
patrioticThe patriotic banners waved proudly in the wind.
ideologicalPolitical rallies often have ideological banners that represent the beliefs of the attendees.
norweyanThe children waved their norweyan banners in the parade.
confederateThe Confederate banners were taken down from the statehouse grounds in 2015.
bloodyThe Vikings raised their bloody banners as they approached the shore.

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