Adjectives for Bars

Adjectives For Bars

Explore the most common adjectives for bars, such as vertical, few, horizontal, and black. Our web app offers examples in sentences, helping you understand the context and usage. Perfect for writers and language learners, this tool enhances your descriptions of bars in any narrative. Dive in now to expand your vocabulary and enrich your writing.

verticalYou can remove all the vertical bars from this sentence.
fewThe band played a few bars before the singer came on stage.
horizontalThe gymnast swung elegantly from the horizontal bars
blackThe video was recorded with black bars on the sides.
parallelThe gymnast performed a series of impressive tricks on the parallel bars
gayWe went to the gay bars in the Castro last night.
whiteThe white bars on the graph represent the average rainfall.
darkThe dark bars of the prison window cast long shadows across the room.
crossThe weightlifter uses cross bars for grip strength.
longitudinalThe longitudinal bars in the concrete structure were spaced at 12 inches on center.
solidThe thief was locked in a cell with solid bars
openThe wedding had such good food and open bars that I ate and drank more than I should have.
woodenThe old wooden bars creaked as the gate swung open.
roundHe lifted the two round bars easily.
flatThe handlebars on the bike were flat bars providing a comfortable and upright riding position.
shortThey served short bars of soap in the prison.
narrowThe narrow bars of the cell made it difficult to move.
sandSurfers enjoyed the waves crashing over the sand bars
deformedThe roof was reinforced with deformed bars
thickHe was placed behind thick bars
topThe gymnast swung from the top bars
thinThe tall man squeezed through the thin bars of the prison.
redThe red bars help her go fast on the course.
squareThe weightlifter struggled to grip the heavy square bars
ironThe heavy iron bars clanged shut, sealing him inside the cold, dark prison.
doubleThe prisoner tried to escape using the two double bars
numerousNumerous bars were found in the old town.
shadedThe shaded bars cast long shadows across the room.
rectangularThe rectangular bars were stacked neatly in the corner of the room.
broadThe prisoner looked through the broad bars at the sun.
inchThe inch bars on the ruler helped him measure the exact length of the table.
wingThe wing bars on the bird's wings helped it to fly.
standardThe prison had standard bars that were difficult to escape through.
plainI saw metal plain bars in the basement.
terminalThe terminal bars were used to connect the wires together.
grayThe prisoner paced along the thin gray bars of his cell.
lightThe police car sped past with its light bars flashing.
bottomThe bottom bars of the cage were just wide enough for the cat to fit through.
adjacentThe adjacent bars were crowded with revelers.
goldThe bank vault was filled with gold bars
blueHe saw blue bars and was reminded of the time he spent in prison.
rolledThe prisoners rattled the rolled bars all night long.
brownThe sheriff walked slowly between the brown bars of the jailhouse.
curvedThe curved bars of the swing bent under the weight of the child.
goldenThe golden bars gleamed in the dim light of the vault.
yellowThe yellow bars stretched across the top of the window.
grateThe sunshine was warm on his arms and legs, as he stood before the grate bars
hotThe rapper dropped several hot bars in his freestyle.
shapedThe steel was formed into shaped bars for reinforcement.
smallerTwo smaller bars were positioned at the top.
unevenThe uneven bars are a popular event in women's gymnastics.
twistedRusty twisted bars lay strewn across the floor.
uprightThe acrobat performed a handstand between the upright bars
rigidThe two rigid bars were connected by a hinge.
greenThe vertical green bars on the graph represent the growth in sales over time.
frequentSarah frequent bars to meet new people.

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