Adjectives for Base

Adjectives For Base

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing base, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe 'base' can significantly color your message, from 'naval base' highlighting military maritime operations to 'economic base' underscoring the financial foundation of a community. The strength and breadth of your subject matter can be encapsulated with adjectives like 'strong base' or 'broad base,' indicating resilience or wide-ranging support, respectively. When discussing the backbone of a sector, 'industrial base' or 'military base' can point to the heart of manufacturing power or armed forces' readiness. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, enriching the conversation around the central noun. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover the multitude of contexts and nuances they can introduce.
naval"Diego Garcia" is the largest naval base in the British Indian Ocean Territory.
economicThe French economy has a GDP of $2.7 trillion, giving it the sixth largest economic base in the world.
strongThe strong base reacted with the acid to form a salt and water.
broadThe project has a broad base of support among local residents.
industrialThe country's industrial base is strong and diversified.
militaryThe military base was heavily guarded.
secondThe runner safely stole second base
solidThe building had a solid base that could withstand the strong winds.
thirdThe runners advanced to third base
commonOur love for animals is on common base
monetaryThe Federal Reserve increased the monetary base by $1 trillion.
mainThe main base is located in the center of the city.
broaderThe organization should include a broader base of members.
weakThe weak base was not strong enough to neutralize the acid.
firmThe building had a firm base and could withstand the strong winds.
secureEver since the invention of the internet, more and more people have had a secure base to talk and communicate with other people.
flatThe rock has a flat base
theoreticalThis research has a weak theoretical base
narrowThe building has a narrow base
acidThe acid base balance of the body is important for maintaining homeostasis.
wideThe wide base of the building provided ample support for the tall structure.
cranialThe cranial base is the inferior boundary of the skull.
financialWe need to build a solid financial base before we can expand our business.
veryThe very base of our society is built on the principles of liberty and equality.
concreteThe concrete base of the building was reinforced with steel rods.
stableAdvanced controls with a stable base help you balance.
soundThis sound base is ideal for creating a rich and immersive audio experience.
agriculturalThe town's agricultural base is primarily corn and soybeans.
popularThe proposal gained support from a popular base
largerThe square with the larger base area had a side length of 5 cm.
scientificThe scientific base for this theory is solid.
squareThe tower has a square base which is 100 feet long on each side.
circularThe table had a circular base and an ornate trim.
empiricalThis research had an empirical base investigating the most frequent words in English
adequateThe building has an adequate base for the tower.
institutionalThe institutional base of the party has been transformed over the past two decades.
technologicalThe technological base of our society is constantly expanding.
permanentThe expedition team established a permanent base at the foot of the mountain.
installedThe installed base of the software is growing rapidly.
widerThe bridge had a wider base than the other one.
easternThe enemy had established its eastern base in the mountains.
strongerSodium hydroxide is a stronger base than ammonia.
limitedThe company had a limited base of operations.
organizationalThe group used its organizational base to coordinate protests against the government.
electoralThe candidate has a strong electoral base in the rural areas.
woodenThe ornate lamp had a wooden base and a silk shade.
fixedThe pilot reported the aircraft landed with the left main landing gear fixed base
roundedThe old bridge had several stone pillars with rounded bases.
substantialThe new law has a substantial base in prior court decisions.
advancedThe artillery was ordered to cover the advanced base with smoke shells.
territorialThe company's territorial base for marketing purposes is the United Kingdom.
submarineThe submarine base was located in a remote area of the coast.
forwardThe forward base was established at the edge of the forest.
conceptualThe research and development has a strong conceptual base
erythematousThe erythematous base is a common sign of inflammation.

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