Adjectives for Baseline

Adjectives For Baseline

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing baseline, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe baseline can significantly change the perception of your sentence. A 'stable baseline' suggests reliability and consistency, perfect for scientific or financial contexts. Meanwhile, a 'multiple baseline' implies diversity and complexity, often used in experimental designs or project phases. The term 'normal baseline' sets a standard for comparison, essential in medical and statistical analyses. An 'initial baseline' marks a beginning point, indicating the start of progress or change. 'Straight baseline' often appears in geometrical or geographical descriptions, denoting directness and simplicity. Lastly, 'current baseline' captures the present state, highlighting ongoing conditions or standards. Discover the full array of adjectives paired with 'baseline' to perfectly nuance your narratives.
stableThe team used a stable baseline to compare the results of the experiment.
multipleThe research team utilized a multiple baseline design to investigate the effects of the intervention.
normalThe patient's vital signs were within normal baseline
initialThe initial baseline was established at sea level.
straightPlease stay close to the straight baseline when completing the pattern.
currentThe current baseline is established by an executive order.
commonThe common baseline for all the comparisons is a 10-year benchmark.
originalThe original baseline was established in 2010.
usefulThis framework provides a useful baseline for building custom enterprise dashboards.
longThe scientists used a long baseline interferometer to study the expansion of the universe.
aboveThe company's financial performance was above baseline
secondThe second base runner was caught stealing at second baseline
lowThe low baseline made it difficult to detect any changes.
appropriateThe appropriate baseline measures should be determined at the outset and periodically reviewed.
flatThe flat baseline of the EEG indicated an isoelectric state.
assessThe physician's clinical judgment may be used to assess baseline
horizontalThe horizontal baseline is the imaginary line on which the letters rest.
functionalThe functional baseline is the level of performance that is expected from a system or component.
higherThe higher baseline is a result of the increased demand for the product.
lowerThe lower baseline is a measure of the distance between the bottom of the letter and the baseline of the text.
meanThe mean baseline was calculated from the average of the values obtained.
historicalThe research found that the use of social media for marketing purposes has a historical baseline of 2%.
accurateThe accurate baseline was crucial for successful implementation.
previousThe previous baseline was set in 2018.
behavioralThe researcher established a behavioral baseline for the participant by observing their behavior for a period of time.
isoelectricThe isoelectric baseline is the pH at which the net charge of a protein is zero.
shortThe short baseline between the two towers made it difficult to see the top.
trueThe true baseline is the value that the metric would have if there were no interventions.
reliableThe results of the latest study provide a reliable baseline for future research.
thirdThe runner slid safely into third baseline
preoperativeThe patient's preoperative baseline hemoglobin was 15 g/dL.
adequateHe didn't have an adequate baseline before he began.
steadyThe steady baseline of the graph helped us visualize the changes over time.
environmentalEfforts in sustainable development have included assessing the environmental baseline of entire countries.
weekOur initial baseline should be compared against our end of the week baseline
clearThe clear baseline shows the primary trend of the data.
normativeGovernment regulations are essential for setting normative baselines in the industry.
constantThe doctor recommended that the patient's exercise include constant baseline monitoring.
irregularThe effects of the drug were evaluated against the irregular baseline
averageThe average baseline is 70%.
neutralThe result should represent a neutral baseline with no bias for any of the responses.
solidThis company's solid baseline will serve them well through the next phase of growth.
minimumThe minimum baseline for the test is quite low.
unstableThe unstable baseline made it difficult to track the progress of the project.
valuableThis article provides a valuable baseline for beginners.
standardWe use an automated scoring system with a standard baseline to compute the scores.
comparativeThe comparative baseline is the starting point for measuring progress.
variableThe variable baseline is used to measure the stability of a process over time.
longerThe longer baseline of the new telescope will allow astronomers to observe fainter objects.
territorialThe territorial baseline is the line from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured.
fixedOur fixed baseline will help ensure the strategy is effective.
undulatingThe undulating baseline of the coastline was a beautiful sight.
linearThe researchers used a linear baseline to compare the results of their experiment.
reasonableDetermining the reasonable baseline for environmental protection is the domain of science, not politics.
maximumThe maximum baseline for the project is $100,000.
dayThe day baseline is the average number of cases reported per day over the past seven days.
theoreticalThe theoretical baseline was determined by calculating the average of the control group's baseline values.
excellentHis excellent baseline was crucial to his success in the game.
smoothThe smooth baseline of the graph made it easy to read.
longestThe diameter of the telescope had the longest baseline
relevantThe relevant baseline from our previous experiment was excluded from the analysis.
usualThe daily temperature is far below the usual baseline
objectiveThe objective baseline is the starting point for measuring progress.
radiographicRadiographic baseline evaluations were performed to determine aortic valve and root anatomy before valve replacement.
wavyThe curly hair cascaded in a wavy baseline down his back
operationalThe operational baseline was established in order to ensure consistent and efficient operations.
architecturalThe architectural baseline is a formal document that describes the current state of the architecture.
suitableThe suitable baseline value was in the mid-range as compared to other similar companies.
oppositeShe showed her uniform with the number '0' on the opposite baseline
emotionalStaying within our emotional baseline helps us make better decisions.
abnormalRecent tests indicated an abnormal baseline level for blood glucose.
noisyThe noisy baseline achieved a word error rate of 20%.
fetalThe fetal baseline was within normal limits throughout the labor.
minuteThe data collected at the minute baseline allows us to understand the performance of the system under normal conditions.
quantitativeWe must establish a quantitative baseline to measure the results of the program.
statutoryWe must adhere to the statutory baseline in order to remain compliant.

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