Adjectives for Basis

Adjectives For Basis

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing basis, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'basis' when paired with different adjectives can subtly alter its meaning, offering unique nuances to your sentences. A 'regular basis' implies consistency and routine, while a 'daily basis' emphasizes a daily routine or occurrence, perfect for highlighting the frequency of an event. When 'theoretical' or 'scientific' precede 'basis', the focus shifts towards a more abstract or evidentiary foundation, respectively. An 'individual basis' speaks to a more personalized or case-by-case approach, and a 'legal basis' introduces the element of lawfulness or foundation in law. Each adjective brings its own flavor, enriching the noun with specific contexts and implications. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover the wide array of nuances they can add to 'basis'.
regularWe met on a regular basis to discuss the project.
theoreticalThe theoretical basis of quantum mechanics is well-established.
scientificThe findings of the research paper have no scientific basis
individualThe employer assesses each worker on an individual basis for their level of performance.
legalThe contract was valid and had a legal basis
soundThe project has a strong sound basis in research and development.
timeThe company's production would be scheduled on a time basis
annualThe company releases its annual report on an annual basis
physicalThe physical basis of life is the cell.
geneticThe genetic basis of the disorder is unknown.
molecularThis study elucidates the molecular basis of the reduced VLA-4 activity in the monocytes of RS patients.
economicThe project lacks a sound economic basis
rationalThis decision has a rational basis in the facts and circumstances of the case.
permanentThe company is going to hire the contractor on a permanent basis
veryThis is the very basis of our understanding of the universe.
solidA solid basis is necessary for a successful project.
monthlyMy income has been increasing on a monthly basis
dayWe pay employees on a day basis
voluntaryShe contributed on a voluntary basis at the food bank.
firmWe analyzed the data, so our conclusion has a firm basis
caseDetermining eligibility will be decided on a case basis
weeklyI go to the library on a weekly basis
termThey were making these people work in shifts on a three months term basis
biologicalResearch has shown that there is a biological basis for some psychiatric disorders.
equalWe must treat everyone on an equal basis regardless of their background or beliefs.
regionalThe company operates on a regional basis with offices in several major cities.
physiologicalThe physiological basis of this condition is not fully understood.
wideThe research was conducted on a wide basis
temporaryHe was hired on a temporary basis for three months.
ongoingWe are still investigating the issue on an ongoing basis
empiricalThe empirical basis for this conclusion is provided by the data collected in the study.
hocThe problem can be solved using the hoc basis
experimentalThe results were obtained on an experimental basis
historicalThe book proposes a new interpretation of the historical basis of the novel.
outpatientThe patient was treated on an outpatient basis which allowed them to return home after their procedure.
moralThe widespread belief in the objective reality of moral principles that provide a moral basis for our actions.
fundamentalThe fundamental basis of this project is the scientific method.
sufficientThere was a sufficient basis for the decision.
commercialThe company's products are sold on a commercial basis
structuralThe structural basis of this protein has been determined by X-ray crystallography.
continuousThe company operates on a continuous basis
reasonableThe judge found that the attorney's motion had a reasonable basis in law and fact.
factualThe report lacks a factual basis and should not be considered credible.
adequateThe court found that there was an adequate basis for the agency's decision.
broadThe broad basis of the company's support allowed it to weather the crisis.
philosophicalThe arguments put forward for the existence of God often have a philosophical basis
logicalThe study's logical basis is questionable.
dryThe moisture content of the soil is expressed on a dry basis
soleThe decision was made on the sole basis of his experience.
rollingNew subscribers are added to the beta on a rolling basis
limitedThe data is available on a limited basis
conceptualThe conceptual basis of this work is to develop a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of online learning environments.
objectiveThe objective basis of the study is to identify the factors that influence student engagement in online learning.
routineThe nurses checked the patient's vital signs on a routine basis
psychologicalThe theory had no psychological basis whatsoever.
globalThe company operates on a global basis
yearlyWe hold annual meetings on a yearly basis
necessaryThe necessary basis for further discussion was laid.
satisfactoryThe agreement was reached on a satisfactory basis
essentialThis device is the essential basis of our security system.
ideologicalHe criticized the ideological basis of the new program.
consistentThe team met on a consistent basis to discuss progress.
quarterlyThe company reports its financial results on a quarterly basis
neuralThe neural basis of consciousness is still a mystery.
constitutionalThe proposed law lacks a constitutional basis
hourlyThe tutor worked on an hourly basis for his clients.
broaderThe proposal received support from a broader basis in the country.
biochemicalThe biochemical basis of the disease is not yet fully understood.
worldwideThe company operates on a worldwide basis
informalWe agreed on an informal basis to meet up for coffee next week.
organicThe organic basis of life is carbon.

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