Adjectives for Basket

Adjectives For Basket

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing basket, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the variety of adjectives paired with the noun 'basket' reveals fascinating nuances in description and utility. A 'large basket' can evoke images of abundance and capacity, perfect for a family picnic or a significant storage unit. Conversely, describing a basket as 'little' or 'small' might hint at delicacy and personal use, perhaps holding jewelry or cherished letters. A 'paper basket' shifts the context to disposability and recycling, suitable for office or craft spaces. When we label a basket as 'big', it expands its capacity for imagination, while an 'empty basket' fills with potential, waiting to be used. Each adjective not only tailors the basket's physical attributes but also its story and purpose. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives for more nuanced descriptions.
largeHe put everything that he owned into a large basket
littleThe little basket was filled with flowers.
smallHe placed the small basket on the table.
paperThe paper basket was overflowing with crumpled up papers.
bigShe carried a big basket full of apples.
emptyThe empty basket shook as he walked.
hugeShe carries a huge basket of fruit to the market.
flatShe carried a flat basket of ripe tomatoes from the garden.
heavyI carried a heavy basket full of groceries home.
coveredThe covered basket contained delicious fruit.
roundShe placed the wasabi and soy sauce in a round basket
fullThe farmer carried a full basket of apples.
shallowThe shallow basket was filled with ripe summer fruit.
openI placed the ripe fruit in the open basket
shapedThe shaped basket held a variety of fruit.
coiledThe coiled basket was carefully woven with intricate designs.
plasticShe put the dirty clothes in the plastic basket
beautifulShe was carrying a beautiful basket full of flowers.
reedWe used a reed basket to collect the berries.
conicalShe wove a conical basket out of reeds.
indianThe beautiful indian basket was very old.
branchialThe branchial basket of the hagfish is a unique structure that allows it to feed on small organisms.
scrapI threw the torn paper into the scrap basket
prettyShe put her belongings in a pretty basket
enormousThe crowded vegetable seller was struggling to carry the enormous basket
flowerShe carried a flower basket to the church.
linedThe lined basket kept the eggs safe during the bumpy ride.
tinyThe tiny basket was filled with precious jewels.
fixedThe fixed basket contained a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
weightedThe weighted basket sunk to the bottom of the lake.
fryingPlace the french fries in the frying basket and lower into the hot oil.
perforatedThe perforated basket allowed water to drain easily.
filledI carried the filled basket of apples to the kitchen.
cylindricalHe put the chocolates in a cylindrical basket
typicalI put the apples in the typical basket
niceI love this nice basket you have.
woodenThe farmer carried the wooden basket filled with fresh vegetables.
handI carried a hand basket full of fresh strawberries to the market.
sacredThe sacred basket was passed down through generations.
winningThe winning basket was scored by the captain of the team.
invertedShe brought the inverted basket of peaches to the kitchen.
greenThere was a green basket on the table.
workShe searched diligently through her work basket for the missing button.
ovalThe oval basket had a intricate handle woven of vines.
twinedThe flowers were arranged in a twined basket
brownThe brown basket contained freshly picked apples.
plaitedThe plaited basket was tightly woven and decorated with intricate designs.
immenseThe farmer carried an immense basket of newly harvested apples.
circularThe circular basket held a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables.
ladenThe farmhand carried the laden basket of apples to the market.
tallThe tall basket was filled with vibrant flowers.
minimumThe new minimum basket of 11 basic food items is $30.05.
sizedShe carried a small-sized basket filled with fresh fruits.
winnowingThe farmer used a winnowing basket to separate the wheat from the chaff.
goldenShe placed the flowers in the golden basket
overflowingThe overflowing basket spilled its contents all over the floor.
wovenShe had some fresh berries in a woven basket
overturnedThe overturned basket was lying in the middle of the field.
marketI grabbed a market basket and headed into the grocery store.
finishedThe finished basket is made of wool.
dirtyPut the dirty clothes in the dirty basket
lovelyShe was carrying an armful of lovely baskets.
rectangularI put my laundry in the rectangular basket
oblongThe oblong basket was filled with fresh fruit.
yellowThe yellow basket contained a bunch of ripe bananas.

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