Adjectives for Baskets

Adjectives For Baskets

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing baskets, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Baskets, those essential containers found in every home, can take on a myriad of personalities depending on the adjectives that precede them. A large basket may hint at abundance and generosity, ideal for storage or grand picnics, while a small or little basket could suggest intimacy, perfect for gifting or delicate treasures. Conversely, great and big baskets evoke notions of utility and capacity, capable of holding your world together. More than mere size, several baskets indicate variety and the beauty of choice. Each adjective we pair with 'baskets' unveils a new facet, enriching our perception and use of these versatile holders. Discover the full list of adjectives to explore the many nuances baskets can bring into your life.
largeWe took our large baskets and filled them with apples.
smallShe placed the flowers into small baskets
littleI love weaving little baskets out of yarn.
greatThe team made great baskets in the basketball game.
severalThe farmer carried several baskets of apples to the market.
bigThe farmers carried big baskets filled with ripe apples.
hugeThe farmers carried their harvest in huge baskets
emptyThe farmers returned with empty baskets
fewThe few baskets of apples were quickly sold out.
coiledShe wove intricate designs into the coiled baskets each one a testament to her skill and patience.
heavyThe porters carried the heavy baskets on their heads.
indianThe indian baskets were filled with colorful beads.
flatShe wove flat baskets decorated with bright colors.
beautifulThe craftswomen created beautiful baskets using intricate weaving techniques.
roundI stored the apples in round baskets
wovenWe filled the woven baskets with fresh fruit from the farmers market.
shapedThe vendor sold shaped baskets of various sizes at the market.
fullThe woman carried full baskets of ripe tomatoes from the market.
shallowShe wove two shallow baskets for the new herbs in the garden.
fineShe shared the designs for her elegant fine baskets with the rest of the class.
paperThere were a lot of paper baskets in the office.
conicalThe conical baskets were carefully woven with intricate patterns.
deepThe deep baskets were filled with ripe fruit.
reedWe filled our reed baskets with fresh vegetables from the market.
twinedHe expertly twined baskets from the pliable reeds.
openThe open baskets were filled with an assortment of ripe fruit.
coveredShe sorted the covered baskets by their flowery patterns and pastel hues.
filledThe farmers returned home with filled baskets
plaitedThe intricate plaited baskets were a testament to the artisan's skill.
plasticWe put our purchases in the plastic baskets
smallerWe have smaller baskets for the fruits.
bambooShe wove beautiful patterns into the bamboo baskets
separateThe store had separate baskets for different types of items.
largerThey supplied larger baskets to accommodate the growing number of customers.
tinyThe tiny baskets were filled with delicate flowers.
woodenShe stored her fruits and vegetables in wooden baskets
cylindricalThe cylindrical baskets were filled with freshly picked apples.
enormousThe enormous baskets were filled to the brim with freshly picked apples.
workThe toddlers put their toys away and gathered around the work baskets
nativeThe woven patterns of their native baskets are rich with cultural traditions.
prettyI bought three pretty baskets at the craft fair.
traditionalThe traditional baskets were woven with intricate patterns.
fancyI need to find some fancy baskets for the picnic tomorrow.
madeHe made baskets out of the cherry wood.
flowerThe flower baskets were filled with beautiful blooms.
ladenFarmers strolled through the orchard with laden baskets of fruit.
picnicWe packed our delicious sandwiches and other lunch items inside the picnic baskets
tallThe flowers were placed in the tall baskets
linedEmma packed the lined baskets with soft towels.
rattanShe decorated the living room with vanilla candles and elegant rattan baskets
neatI found some neat baskets at the thrift store.
leafWe used leaf baskets to collect the fallen leaves.
immenseThe farmers carried their immense baskets filled with ripe fruit.
goldenThe golden baskets hung gracefully from the ceiling.
tightSarah wove tight baskets all winter long.
handmadeThe market sold many handmade baskets
excellentShe scored many points with her excellent baskets
decoratedThe volunteers decorated baskets for the charity raffle.
coarseThe coarse baskets lined the hallway, filled with tools and supplies.
watertightThe fishermen used watertight baskets to store their catch.
loadedThe porters carried the loaded baskets up the steep mountain trail.
circularMary was weaving a beautiful pattern on the circular baskets
breadThe large bread baskets were piled high with fresh pastries.
rectangularWe used rectangular baskets for the table centerpieces.
miniatureThe artisan painstakingly wove miniature baskets from delicate reeds.
squareThe weavers crafted beautiful square baskets adorned with intricate patterns.
perforatedThe perforated baskets allow steam to escape the pan.
roughThe rough baskets were full of ripe fruit.
barkThe Native American women wove intricate designs into their bark baskets
wickerShe stacked the wicker baskets neatly in the corner.
pericellularThe white granular pericellular baskets around the neurons increase the surface for cell contacts.
colorfulShe sells seashells by the colorful baskets
easyThe free throw line presented easy baskets for the tall players.
ovalThe vendor sold oval baskets filled with fresh fruit.
sacredThe sacred baskets were woven with intricate designs and filled with offerings to the gods.
handwovenThe local artisans created beautiful handwoven baskets

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