Adjectives for Batteries

Adjectives For Batteries

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing batteries, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe batteries can illuminate not only the physical properties, such as heavy or acid, but also their functional attributes, like rechargeable or secondary. Each adjective unfolds a layer of detail, providing insights into the battery's application, durability, and storage capabilities. Whether discussing the historical significance of Confederate batteries in a scholarly article or comparing several types of batteries for consumer advice, the adjectives we select paint a vivid picture of our subjects. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives linked with batteries to grasp the subtle distinctions they bring to light.
severalThe flashlight requires several batteries to operate.
rechargeableThe rechargeable batteries will last for up to eight hours.
heavyThe heavy batteries made it difficult to carry the equipment.
confederateThe Confederate batteries opened fire on the Union troops.
secondaryLithium-ion batteries are common types of secondary batteries
dryThe flashlight uses three dry batteries
primaryThey used primary batteries to power their flashlights.
frenchThe French had successfully developed french batteries and generators for submarines in the 1950s.
germanThe explosions occurred near a railway bridge used for military purposes and guarded by german batteries
electricThe research team is developing electric batteries with longer lifespans.
coastalThe enemy forces were unable to breach the coastal batteries
aircraftAircraft batteries provide power to the aircraft's electrical systems.
britishBritish batteries pounded the German positions at dawn.
antiaircraftThe guns of the antiaircraft batteries roared in the night sky.
alkalineThe alkaline batteries are stored in a cool, dry place.
extraI brought extra batteries just in case the flashlight died.
powerfulThe new phone has powerful batteries that can last for days.
russianThe Russian artillery hammered the Polish positions with Russian batteries
solarThe solar batteries stored enough energy to power the house for days.
voltThe laptop has two volt batteries that last for hours.
cellWhen you need to get that last little bit of juice from your device, cell batteries can come in handy.
mainThe main batteries of the ship were fully charged and ready for action.
sparePlease remember to bring some spare batteries
lightThe light batteries were drained after a long day of use.
mortarThe mortar batteries softened the enemy positions before the infantry advanced.
neuropsychologicalThe neuropsychological batteries were administered to the participants in a counterbalanced order.
strongThe flashlight had strong batteries
ionThe car has ion batteries that allow it to drive for long distances.
englishThe new English batteries are supposed to work for hours.
maskedThe masked batteries were hidden under a tarp in the back of the truck.
hostileThe troops advanced under the cover of hostile batteries
numerousHe had numerous batteries in his bag to power his devices.
spanishWe use Spanish batteries in our digital cameras.
formidableThe tank rolled forward, its formidable batteries aimed at the enemy's position.
advancedThe development of advanced batteries is crucial for the transition to electric vehicles.
additionalTheir console died, so they grabbed some additional batteries
deadThe remote control was useless with its dead batteries
standardThe technician inserted standard batteries into the device.
turkishHeavily fortified Istanbul, targeted continuously with Turkish batteries stood as a great obstacle to the Germans and provoked the greatest air battle of the war thus far.
leadLead batteries are often used in automobiles and other vehicles.
voltaicThe voltaic batteries were invented by Alessandro Volta in the 1800s.
conventionalConventional batteries offer limited capacity and charge cycles, which restrict their usage for applications requiring extended operation.
federalThe federal batteries are now fully charged and ready to use.
automotiveThe automotive batteries are designed to provide power to the vehicle's electrical systems.
japaneseWe finally found the right japanese batteries for our clocks.
flakAnti-aircraft flak batteries thundered their defiance at the roaring enemy planes.
electricalThe electrical batteries in my flashlight are dead.
portableWe brought some portable batteries to use on our camping trip.
stationaryThe stationary batteries provide backup power in the event of a grid outage.
separateThe remote controls had separate batteries
lithiumLithium batteries have been around for a long time and are used in a wide range of products.
mobilePlease charge the mobile batteries before using them.
wetThe wet batteries provided the necessary power for the emergency lighting.
multipleThe electrician connected multiple batteries to the circuit.
austrianThe Austrian batteries were the most powerful in the world.
navalThe naval batteries bombarded the enemy positions relentlessly.
sealedThe sealed batteries can't be recharged.
smallerThe smaller batteries in the phone made it more compact.
shoreThe shore batteries opened fire on the approaching ships.
typeI need to purchase some type batteries today.
weakThe clock stopped working because of its weak batteries
mexicanThe Mexican batteries lasted longer than the American ones.
standardizedWe used standardized batteries for our experiments.
pounderThe contractor used a heavy hammer with pounder batteries to drive the nail into the wood.

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