Adjectives for Bean

Adjectives For Bean

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bean, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The humble bean, a staple in cuisines around the globe, comes to life through the adjectives we pair with it. Descriptors like common, broad, old, black, green, and small not only illustrate the bean's diverse appearances and types but also its culinary versatility and nutritional value. Using 'common' suggests familiarity and accessibility, while 'broad' might hint at variety or a particular species. 'Old' could reflect on tradition or a preference for aged beans in certain recipes. The colors 'black' and 'green' indicate not just the bean's physical appearance but also its potential taste profiles and health benefits. 'Small,' on the other hand, might speak to its delicacy or role in a dish. Every adjective adds a layer of meaning, enriching our understanding and appreciation of this simple yet profound ingredient. Delve deeper into the descriptive world of beans with our full list of adjectives below.
commonCommon beans are a staple food in many cultures.
broadPut the broad beans in a bowl.
oldDon't worry old bean everything's going to be alright.
blackI enjoy black bean burritos with sour cream and salsa.
greenI enjoy eating fresh green beans with salt and pepper.
smallThe small bean was so tiny, it could barely be seen.
whiteThe white bean soup was delicious.
frenchThe salad contained fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and french beans.
statelessThe stateless bean provides a simple and efficient way to manage state in a distributed system.
drivenThe driven bean was a powerful force that could not be stopped.
redI love to eat red bean ice cream.
statefulThe stateful bean manages the client's state across multiple requests.
jellyHe took a bite out of the red jelly bean
largeThe soup was thick and full of large beans.
singleThe single bean was too small to be of any use.
soySoy bean is a type of legume that is high in protein.
wingedThe winged bean is a tropical legume that is native to Southeast Asia.
mungThe mung bean is a legume native to the Indian subcontinent.
dryThis recipe includes dry bean
wildMary picked a wild bean in the garden.
locustI couldn't find the locust bean in the market.
scarletThe scarlet bean is a beautiful vine that produces vibrant red beans.
teparyTepary bean a type of legume, is native to the Sonoran Desert.
bakedI love the smell of baked beans in the morning.
roastedThe aroma of roasted beans filled the air.
bogThe bog bean is a flowering plant that is native to Europe and Asia.
egyptianThe ancient Egyptians preserved bodies for mummification with natron, a naturally occurring salt, and Egyptian bean
indianThe traditional Indian bean is a staple ingredient in many dishes.
brownAdd a can of brown bean soup to the pot.
yellowThe yellow bean was a beautiful sight to behold.
soyaThe soya bean is a leguminous plant grown for its edible seeds.
kidneyMy favorite side dish is my grandmother's kidney bean salad.
freshThe aroma of fresh beans filled the air.
mexicanPrepare your tortillas and fill them with these delicious Mexican beans.
ordealThe ordeal bean is a type of legume that is native to South America.
rawThe raw bean was crunchy and bitter.
navyHe made a simple soup with vegetables and navy beans.
driedNow, for this soup recipe, we must use dried bean
peaThe pea bean has a colorful and speckled appearance.
flatI added a flat bean to my soup.
hyacinthThe hyacinth bean also known as the lablab bean, is a tropical vine grown for its edible pods and beans.
ordinaryThe ordinary bean was surprisingly delicious.
managedThe managed bean provided easy access to the data model.
velvetThe velvet bean is a tropical legume native to Africa.
coffeeI need a coffee bean to wake me up in the morning.
coralI planted a coral bean bush in my backyard, and it's already sprouting.
fermentedThe fermented bean sauce added a unique flavor to the dish.
africanThe african bean is a small, brown bean that is native to Africa.
sweetThe sweet bean paste was a delicious addition to the mochi.
threeI planted a three bean salad today.
goldenThe golden bean was a special type of coffee bean.
cocoaThe cocoa bean is the seed of the cocoa tree, from which cocoa powder and chocolate are made.
magicJack planted the magic bean in the hopes that it would grow into a giant stalk that he could climb to reach the castle in the clouds.
caribThe cruise ship sailed through the clear waters of the Carib bean
edibleThe edible bean is a popular ingredient in many dishes.
azukiThe sweet azuki bean paste is used in many Japanese desserts.
hargrettHe had a hargrett bean salad for lunch.
powderedCould you add the powdered bean to this dish?
roundI added some round beans to my salad.
soakedA soaked bean has absorbed water and is ready for cooking.
cultivatedThe farmers cultivated bean varieties that were resistant to pests.
luckyI planted a lucky bean in my garden, hoping it would bring me good fortune.
snapThe snap beans were delicious in the salad.

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