Adjectives for Beginning

Adjectives For Beginning

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing beginning, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'beginning' of something can significantly alter the perception of your narrative. A 'very' beginning emphasizes intensity, while a 'new' beginning introduces the concept of renewal. A 'good' beginning sets a positive tone, whereas a 'real' beginning grounds your story in authenticity. Opting for a 'small' beginning focuses on the subtlety of the starting point, and a 'modest' beginning hints at humility and understatement. Each adjective unravels a different layer of meaning, painting a richer picture of commencement. Explore the nuances and expand your narrative palette with our extensive catalogue of adjectives tailored for the noun 'beginning'.
veryIn the very beginning there was nothing.
newAs the old year ended, a new beginning emerged with the promise of fresh opportunities.
goodA good beginning makes a good ending.
realLanguages with a real beginning include Logo, APL, and J.
smallThe small beginning led to the massive results
modestThe company began with modest beginnings, but went on to become a major success.
auspicious"A fortuitous encounter marked an auspicious beginning to their extraordinary journey."
trueThe true beginning of the story was a dark and stormy night.
humbleGrowing up in a humble beginning he always valued the importance of hard work.
promisingWhat a promising beginning
absoluteI'm at the absolute beginning of my journey.
definiteThe sun peeked over the horizon, marking the definite beginning of a new day.
actualThe actual beginning of the project was delayed by several months.
freshI'm ready for a fresh beginning in my life.
inauspiciousDespite the inauspicious beginning the project ultimately proved to be a resounding success.
excellentThis is an excellent beginning
formalIn a formal beginning the writer establishes the context and purpose of the text.
officialThe official beginning of the new year is on January 1st.
fairThe fair beginning of the festival was marked by colourful dances.
successfulA successful beginning is the foundation for a prosperous future.
slowTo the casual observer, the slow beginning of the race went unnoticed.
usefulA useful beginning is half the work.
happyA happy beginning is a great start to any story.
temporalThe temporal beginning of the universe is still a mystery to scientists.
hopefulThe sun rose in the east, casting a hopeful beginning to the new day.
brilliantThe brilliant beginning of the project set the tone for its eventual success.
logicalThe logical beginning of the sentence is the subject.
earliestThe workshops will be starting from their earliest beginning
tentativeThe meeting started with a tentative beginning
unpromisingAlthough the project had an unpromising beginning it eventually became a great success.
bareIt is only the bare beginning of his career.
gloriousThe glorious beginning of the day brought a smile to my face
unfortunateThe unfortunate beginning of the journey was marked by torrential rain and impassable roads.
splendidShe was elated by her splendid beginning
crudeThe crude beginning of the painting hinted at the artist's raw talent.
feebleThe feeble beginning of the storm belied its eventual ferocity.
faintA faint beginning of light appeared on the horizon.
braveBrave beginnings often lead to courageous adventures.
sadHer heart sank as she read the sad beginning of the letter.
propitiousThe propitious beginning of their journey filled them with hope and excitement.

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