Adjectives for Behind

Adjectives For Behind

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing behind, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'behind' can subtly alter the meaning of a sentence, impacting its overall tone and clarity. A 'left behind' item evokes feelings of loss or forgetfulness, while a 'close behind' presence suggests immediacy or pursuit. Describing something as 'little behind' implies a minor delay, and 'more behind' signals a larger gap. An 'open behind' might indicate vulnerability or an invitation, whereas 'right behind' offers a sense of support or impending arrival. Each adjective paints a unique picture, emphasizing different nuances of time, space, and relational dynamics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'behind' to precisely capture your intended meaning.
closeThe younger brother was close behind struggling to keep up.
little"I'm a little behind but I'll catch up soon."
moreI think there's more behind his kindness.
openHe went to open behind the entrance.
rightThe dog was right behind the fence.
longHis old habits are long behind him now.
muchWe are much behind schedule.
deadThe old car was dead behind the house.
pastWe pushed the past behind us and looked toward the future.
broadThe dog has a broad behind
narrowThe narrow behind made it difficult to walk.
bareThe baby had a bare behind after the diaper change.
wideThe car had a wide behind
selfShe kept her self behind closed doors.
darkThe shadows were dark behind the towering trees.
bigHe is big behind the others.
worseThe situation appears to be much worse behind the scenes.
flatThe car had a flat behind
fatThere was a thick layer of fat behind the pig's neck.
visibleHer smile was visible behind her tears.
baldThe old man's bald behind shimmered in the sunlight.
broaderThe horse has a broader behind than the donkey.
soreI have a sore behind from sitting in this chair all day.
greenThe grass is green behind the house.
sickI'm sick behind worries.
yellowThe sunflowers were yellow behind the green leaves.
widerThe car was wider behind than in front.
straightThe dog followed straight behind the owner.
roundThe dog chased its tail round and round behind it.
farthestThe team that is farthest behind in the standings is the one with the most points.
roundedThe drummer had a peculiarly rounded behind
hollowThe hollow behind the wall was home to a family of raccoons.
furthestThe furthest behind team won the championship.
smoothThe cat has a smooth behind
thinHe looked at his thin behind in the mirror.
broadestThe horse has the broadest behind of all animals.
plainThere is a plain behind the hill.
attenuatedHis voice attenuated behind the closed doors.
emarginateThe base is slightly emarginate behind
widestThe shape is widest behind
tightThe dog was tight behind the cat.
convexThe mirror has a convex behind
brownThe sweet, brown behind caught my eye.
truncatedThe sleek car's exhaust was truncated behind the bumper.
ovalThe Frenchman put his oval behind the barn.
grayThe clouds were gray behind the sun.

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