Adjectives for Beliefs

Adjectives For Beliefs

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing beliefs, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe beliefs can significantly impact the nuance and perception of your sentence. Whether discussing religious beliefs that are often rooted in tradition and culture, or emphasizing own beliefs which highlights individuality and personal conviction, each adjective brings its own flavor. Describing beliefs as traditional might evoke notions of heritage and timelessness, whereas political beliefs could lean towards societal and governance structures. When we talk about personal beliefs, we delve into the intimate realm of individual values and ethics. Each adjective chosen shapes the conversation differently, inviting a deeper exploration of how we perceive and communicate about beliefs. For a complete exploration of the adjectives that enliven discussions about beliefs, see the list below.
religiousThe student was adamant in his religious beliefs
ownIt is important to respect others' own beliefs
suchThis development creates a remarkable variation with such beliefs
traditionalThe traditional beliefs of the community have been passed down through generations.
politicalHer political beliefs differ slightly from her colleagues.
personalShe always respects other people's personal beliefs
culturalHer cultural beliefs have a profound influence on her worldview.
falseThe false beliefs that linger in the shadows of our minds can lead us astray.
certainCertain beliefs can shape our perspectives and guide our actions.
christianMany christian beliefs overlap with jewish and islamic beliefs.
basicEveryone has their own basic beliefs
moralHer moral beliefs prevented her from lying.
irrationalIrrational beliefs can lead to distorted perceptions and poor decision-making.
popular"Sometimes popular beliefs are held by a majority of people"
spiritualShe shared her spiritual beliefs with me.
fundamentalOur fundamental beliefs about the nature of reality shape our worldview.
commonWe all have our own common beliefs and values.
strongHer strong beliefs gave her the strength to stand up for herself.
trueWe should always question our true beliefs
superstitiousThe superstitious beliefs of people can be very strange.
ancientThe ancient beliefs were deeply ingrained in their culture.
negativeNegative beliefs can hold you back from achieving your full potential.
currentTo keep up with current beliefs it is necessary to read
theologicalTheological beliefs are the set of religious convictions that a person holds.
priorScientists should question their prior beliefs about the universe.
primitiveMuch of art history has looked back at prehistoric cave paintings as an indication of primitive beliefs about the afterlife and divine beings.
philosophicalI am interested in learning about the philosophical beliefs of different cultures.
ethicalThe ethical beliefs of a person can shape their actions and decisions.
erroneousThe article exposed erroneous beliefs about climate change.
ideologicalTheir ideological beliefs were unwavering.
paganDespite their Christian baptism, the villagers still clung to their pagan beliefs
normativeI base my normative beliefs on the principle of fairness.
rationalShe continued to hold rational beliefs despite the mounting evidence to the contrary.
magicalMany people hold magical beliefs that influence their daily lives.
nativeShe was raised with a combination of traditional Western medicine and native beliefs
indigenousThe indigenous beliefs of the community were deeply rooted in the natural world.
islamicThe Islamic beliefs revolve around the concept of one God, the prophets, and the holy books.
heldHer held beliefs about the monarchy are outdated.
relatedIn the meeting, we discussed related beliefs about racial equity.
supernaturalHer supernatural beliefs led her to practice witchcraft.
africanAccording to African beliefs the baobab tree is sacred and home to spirits.
contradictoryShe holds certain contradictory beliefs about the world.
delusionalThe patient exhibited delusional beliefs that he was the emperor of the world.
conventionalIt was difficult for him to challenge conventional beliefs because he feared social isolation.
animisticThe animistic beliefs of the tribe attributed spirits to all objects, both animate and inanimate.
perceptualPerceptual beliefs are beliefs about the world that are based on our senses.
metaphysicalSome individuals hold strong metaphysical beliefs about the nature of existence.
parentalHer belief system is the result of parental beliefs and discovery.
justifiedThe judge ruled that the defendant's actions were justified beliefs
dysfunctionalThe therapists challenged the clients' dysfunctional beliefs during cognitive behavioral therapy.
orthodoxHer orthodox beliefs prevented her from accepting the theory of evolution.
collectiveThe collective beliefs of a society shape its culture and values.
deepestI stand by my deepest beliefs even in the face of adversity.
epistemologicalScientists are increasingly aware of the limitations of their epistemological beliefs
conservativeMany older adults hold conservative beliefs
relevantI have many relevant beliefs which I hold dear
subjectivePeople often hold subjective beliefs that are not supported by objective evidence.
liberalShe expressed liberal beliefs regarding the role of government.
dominantThe dominant beliefs of a society shape the culture and norms of its people.
doctrinalThe seminary fosters doctrinal beliefs and fosters spiritual growth.
diverseThe committee was composed of people with diverse beliefs and backgrounds.
wrongToo many wrong beliefs were instilled in us as children.

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