Adjectives for Belly

Adjectives For Belly

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing belly, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a belly brings out various nuances that paint a vivid picture. A big belly evokes a sense of fullness and abundance, often associated with laughter or opulence. A white belly, on the other hand, can highlight purity or a lack of exposure to the sun, suggesting delicacy or vulnerability. The distinction between anterior and posterior parts emphasizes specific angles or perspectives, adding depth to descriptions. Mentioning a lower belly focuses on a particular area, suggesting precision in observation or concern. Each adjective weaves a unique story around the noun, enriching the narrative with detail and emotion. Dive deeper into the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany belly below.
posteriorThe posterior belly of the digastric muscle originates from the mastoid process of the temporal bone.
bigThe man with the big belly was laughing so hard that he was crying.
whiteThe arctic fox has a white belly that helps it camouflage in the snow.
fullHe had a full belly after eating a big meal.
anteriorThe anterior belly of the digastric muscle inserts onto the hyoid bone.
lowerI felt a sharp pain in my lower belly
roundThe baby had a round belly
emptyMy empty belly grumbled as I searched for food.
fatThe man had a fat belly
ownHe felt the effects of his own belly after eating a big meal.
softThe cat has a soft belly
largeThe large belly of the man made it difficult for him to move around.
littleThe little belly of the baby was adorable.
hugeHe had a huge belly that shook when he laughed.
yellowThe yellow belly toad is a species of toad found in the eastern United States.
redThe red belly parrot prefers to live in the tropical rainforests
hungryThe hungry belly grumbled in protest.
superiorThe large man's superior belly hung over his belt.
inferiorThe inferior belly is the part of the abdomen that is below the umbilicus.
fleshyThe fleshy belly of the catfish twitched in fear.
roundedThe woman's rounded belly indicated she was expecting a baby.
bloatedThe patient had a bloated belly and complained of abdominal pain.
openThe hungry dog had an open belly
blackThe snake's black belly slithered through the grass.
ampleThe sumo wrestler had an ample belly that shook with every step.
fairShe eats her fair belly full of corn.
smooth"My cat has a smooth belly."
paleThe pale belly of the fish was a stark contrast to its dark scales.
darkThe seagull had a white head and a dark belly
warmThe cat curled up on the warm belly of the sun.
muscularThe muscular belly of the athlete rippled with power as he lifted the barbell.
pendulousHer pendulous belly was a testament to a life of gluttony and indolence.
whitishThe bird had a whitish belly and a long, pointed beak.
brownThe bird with a brown belly flew away quickly.
deepShe let out a deep belly laugh, her whole body shaking.
swollenThe woman's swollen belly indicated that she was pregnant.
bulgingThe man's bulging belly indicated that he had not missed many meals.
upperI have a sore upper belly
prominentThe man's prominent belly protruded from his shirt.
broadHe has a broad belly due to his sedentary lifestyle.
hollowThe hungry child had a hollow belly
frontalThe frontal belly is the part of the abdomen between the umbilicus and the pubis.
blueThe blue belly lizard is a small, widespread lizard species native to Australia.
rotundHe had a rotund belly that shook with every step he took.
occipitalThe occipital belly of the frontal muscle originates from the medial margin of the supraorbital margin and inserts into the galea aponeurotica.
leanFocus on maintaining a lean belly by making healthy diet choices.
plumpThe plump belly of the frog looked like a miniature ball.
pinkThe little pig had a cute pink belly
vastThe vast belly of the whale dwarfed the small boat.
underThe shark swam quickly with its white under belly facing the surface.
tightThe boxer was in excellent shape; his tight belly was proof of his rigorous training.
grayThe cat has a gray belly and white paws.
falseThe pregnant guppy's false belly is an elongated extension of the ventral fin that holds the eggs while they develop.
thickThe man with the thick belly sat down heavily in the chair.
massiveThe wrestler had a massive belly that jiggled when he walked.
silveryThe fish gleamed in the sunlight, its silvery belly reflecting the sparkling waves.
thinThe thin belly of the snake slithered through the grass.
yellowishThe yellowish belly of the snake was a warning to stay away.
brightThe firefly's bright belly lit up the night.
greyThe cat had a grey belly
coloredThe chameleon had a colored belly
medialThe medial belly of the gastrocnemius is innervated by the tibial nerve.
sunkenThe sunken belly of the old horse was a testament to his years of hard work.
shapedThe woman's shaped belly was a testament to her pregnancy.
portlyThe portly belly of the old man jiggled as he laughed.
lighterThe lighter belly of the whale shark helps it float.
jellyThe colorful jelly belly candy filled the clear glass jar.
immenseThe wrestler had an immense belly that shook with every step.
curvedThe pregnant woman had a curved belly

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