Adjectives for Benchmark

Adjectives For Benchmark

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing benchmark, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe a 'benchmark' can significantly alter the perception of its value and relevance. A 'useful' benchmark implies practical utility in everyday scenarios, whereas an 'important' one suggests critical implications for decisions or outcomes. Describing a benchmark as 'new' may highlight recent developments or innovative approaches. The choice of 'appropriate' emphasizes suitability and precision, while 'good' suggests a level of quality or reliability. Lastly, a 'standard' benchmark denotes a widely recognized or conventional measure. Each adjective intricately shades the meaning, impacting understanding and usage in professional and academic contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'benchmark' to enrich your descriptions.
usefulThe useful benchmark enables us to compare the performance of different algorithms.
importantThis is an important benchmark for us to measure our progress.
newThis new benchmark has set a new standard for performance.
appropriateThe CEO set up an appropriate benchmark to monitor project progress.
goodThis test was a good benchmark for my abilities.
standardThe new testing method was compared to the standard benchmark
commonThe test scores are a common benchmark for student achievement.
secondWe have now reached the second benchmark in this project.
relevantThe results were compared to relevant benchmarks.
internationalThe international benchmark for large-scale language models is the General Language Understanding Evaluation (GLUE) benchmark.
convenientWe can use the convenient benchmark of the performance progression.
historicalThe company's recent performance has set a historical benchmark for the industry.
onlyThe project requires an updated baseline or only benchmark
simpleHere is a simple benchmark to test your skills.
singleThe company's financial performance is measured with a single benchmark
syntheticThe synthetic benchmark results were very promising.
specificThe company has set a specific benchmark for customer satisfaction.
national"Sales have slightly improved, compared to the national benchmark".
particularThe program will run based on a particular benchmark
majorThe project hit a major benchmark last week.
reasonableThe cost of the project was set at a reasonable benchmark
global"One Belt, One Road" is a global benchmark of China's opening-up
bestThe new AI model achieved the best benchmark yet.
normativeWe should use normative benchmarks to compare our performance to other organizations in our industry.
significantThe data from the survey established a significant benchmark for future surveys related to the same subject.
initialThe initial benchmark was set in 2015.
externalThe external benchmark is used to compare the performance of the system to other similar systems.
clearWe need a clear benchmark to measure our progress.
suitableThe proposed strategy uses a suitable benchmark for assessing the model's performance.
naturalThe river provides a natural benchmark against which the progress of the city can be measured.
theoreticalThe theoretical benchmark for a perfect engine is the Carnot cycle.
yearHe has been on the 5-year benchmark for 10 years.
keyThe company's financial performance exceeded key benchmarks set for the quarter.
competitiveOur competitive benchmark report highlights our superior performance compared to industry peers.
reliableThis reliable benchmark shows the latest data on sales performance.
valuableThis report provides valuable insight and serves as a valuable benchmark for future initiatives.
objective"Enterprise governance, risk and compliance (EGRC) applications provide structured processes and objective benchmarks against which business risks and opportunities can be measured and managed."
currentThe current benchmark is based on the most recently released data.
roughWe can use this as a rough benchmark for comparing the performance of different approaches.
betterThe new software has a better benchmark than the old one.
internalWe used an internal benchmark to compare the performance of our new product to our existing one.
criticalThe recently established critical benchmark for the research and innovation work of universities requires a significant allocation of human resources.
primaryThe primary benchmark for the product is its sales revenue.
comparativeThe software has a 10% better comparative benchmark than its competitors.
properThe proper benchmark was used to compare the results.
minimumThe changes you requested did not meet our minimum benchmark
popularThe popular benchmark is instrumental in assessing the performance of different investment strategies.
idealThe ideal benchmark for this is a binary classification problem.
interestingThat algorithm creates an interesting benchmark for future development
traditionalThe traditional benchmark was outperformed by the new algorithm.
alternativeThe alternative benchmark needs to be determined before the test can proceed.
excellentThe company's excellent benchmark is a testament to their commitment to quality.
ultimateThis product serves as the ultimate benchmark for performance in this field.
passiveThe passive benchmark is used to compare the performance of different systems.
strategicWe use strategic benchmarks to assess our performance against industry leaders.
knownThe known benchmark for this type of test is around 200 points.
absoluteThe sales team achieved an absolute benchmark by exceeding their sales target by 20%.
validThis product achieves a valid benchmark for energy efficiency.
realisticThe team is working towards a realistic benchmark for project completion.
universalThe universal benchmark for measuring success is subjective.
obviousThe obvious benchmark for free speech is the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
accurateThe results of the experiment were evaluated using an accurate benchmark
ableThe able benchmark is a test that measures the performance of a computer.
quantitativeFor the model developers, they also established a quantitative benchmark
crucialThe crucial benchmark for a successful project is meeting the deadline.
meaningfulThe team's effectiveness was measured against a meaningful benchmark of before and after engagement.
overallThe overall benchmark for this project is 95% accuracy.
temporary"This is just a temporary benchmark," he said.
acceptableThe results meet an acceptable benchmark for performance.
basedThe test results were compared against a based benchmark
correctI didn't perform well on the correct benchmark
levelThe level benchmark was set too high for the students to reach.
adequateThe adequate benchmark for measuring the success of the program is its ability to reduce recidivism rates.
arbitraryI was tired of being used as an arbitrary benchmark for other engineers.
typicalThe typical benchmark for this task is 90% accuracy.
fairThe company's fair benchmark was met by the employee, which led to a promotion.
customizedWe use customized benchmarks such as memory usage and latency to evaluate the performance of our system.
neutralThe neutral benchmark was used to calibrate the test equipment.

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