Adjectives for Benefit

Adjectives For Benefit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing benefit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany 'benefit' can significantly alter the nuance of your message. Describing a 'great benefit' highlights its importance and value, whereas 'little benefit' suggests minimal gains. The phrase 'own benefit' invokes a sense of personal gain, while 'mutual benefit' emphasizes shared advantages. The term 'full benefit' suggests taking advantage of all possible gains, contrasting with 'maximum benefit,' which implies achieving the highest degree of advantage possible. Understanding these distinctions ensures your communication is precise and impactful, drawing your reader's attention to the exact nature of benefits discussed. Explore the full list of adjectives paired with 'benefit' to enhance your message.
greatThe company's great benefit package attracted many top candidates.
ownEach person thinks only of his own benefit
mutualThe two companies signed an agreement that would be of mutual benefit
littleThe project was ultimately of little benefit to the community.
fullThe employee is entitled to the full benefit of the company's health insurance plan.
maximumTo achieve maximum benefit it is important to plan and execute carefully.
greatestWe should strive for the greatest benefit of all.
publicThe organization's mission is to provide public benefit by helping the underprivileged.
muchMuch benefit can be derived from this experience.
additionalWorking in a team also has the additional benefit of being able to learn from others.
economicThe project offers significant economic benefit to the local community.
netThe overall net benefit of the program was positive.
potentialThe potential benefit of this new treatment is that it could improve patient outcomes.
costThe cost benefit of the project was positive.
realThe real benefit of this program is that it provides personalized recommendations.
marginalThe marginal benefit of studying for the test was not worth the hours of sleep lost.
directThe direct benefit of the program was a reduction in crime.
greaterStudying has a greater benefit than watching television.
significantThe new technology will provide significant benefit to the company.
addedThe added benefit to using a cloud-based system is the ability to access it from anywhere.
personalHis personal benefit was not his first priority.
majorThe major benefit of the new system is its increased efficiency.
commonThe two companies agreed to work together for their common benefit
therapeuticThis therapy has a positive therapeutic benefit for the patient's well-being.
specialThe special benefit of the new plan is that it covers dental and vision care.
immediateThe immediate benefit of this new software is its ability to automate tasks.
clinicalThe innovative treatment demonstrated significant clinical benefit for patients.
considerableInvesting in renewable energy projects has considerable benefit for both the environment and the economy.
possibleThe possible benefit of this new technology is that it could make our lives easier.
termThe term benefit is what you receive from your insurance company when you meet specific requirements.
financialThe new policy will provide a financial benefit to the company.
practicalThe plan offers practical benefits, such as healthcare coverage and retirement savings.
substantialThe project will provide a substantial benefit to the community.
lastingThe new program will provide lasting benefit to the community.
privateThe private benefit of the new policy is that it will save the company money.
primaryThe primary benefit of this device is its portability.
spiritualMeditation and yoga provide both physical and spiritual benefit
positiveThis is a sentence with a positive benefit
ultimateThe ultimate benefit of this product is its ability to save you time and money.
obviousThe obvious benefit was that it saved a lot of time.
immenseThe new technology will be of immense benefit to society.
exclusiveThe exclusive benefit of the membership is a free subscription to the magazine.
soleThe shareholders enjoyed the sole benefit of the property.
permanentThe permanent benefit of exercise is improved health.
clearThere is a clear benefit to using renewable energy sources.
futureTaking precautions now can lead to future benefits.
overallThe overall benefit of the new system is a significant increase in efficiency.
monthlyThe monthly benefit is deposited directly into the recipient's bank account.
incalculableThe research produced incalculable benefit for the community.
apparentThe apparent benefit of this new product is its low cost.
inestimableThe therapy had an inestimable benefit on his recovery.
equalBoth parties will receive equal benefit from this transaction.
enormousThe enormous benefit of the project was immediately apparent.
temporaryThe temporary benefit of the pain medication helped alleviate the patient's discomfort.
minimumThe minimum benefit for this job is $15 per hour.
limitedThe medicine provided limited benefit to the patient's condition.
annualThe annual benefit of the insurance is $1,000.
expectedDue to the expected benefit the company decided to invest in the new technology.
indirectThe indirect benefit of exercise is improved mental health.
lessThe new proposal has less benefit than the previous one.
tangibleThe tangible benefit of exercise is an improved mood.
especialShe has especial benefit from gentle exercise.
pecuniary"The artist claimed no pecuniary benefit from his work."
doubleJoining a gym gives you the double benefit of physical fitness and social interaction.
extraThe extra benefit of the product is its durability.
markedThe new treatment showed marked benefit in reducing the symptoms of the disease.
tremendousThis new technology has been met with great excitement and interest, with people reporting tremendous benefit from its use.
universalA universal benefit would help everyone in society.

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