Adjectives for Bible

Adjectives For Bible

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bible, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the 'bible' can significantly alter its connotation and the depth of discussion it invokes. Whether referring to the 'whole' bible to emphasize its completeness, the 'old' testament to specify a particular section, or the 'new' testament to highlight its renewing messages, each adjective carries its unique shade of meaning. An 'open' bible suggests accessibility and readiness for exploration, while the 'first' bible evokes a sense of origin and foundational significance. Exploring the nuances of these adjectives enriches our understanding and appreciation of the text. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives most often used with 'bible' to enhance your discourse or study.
wholeI have read the whole bible many times.
entireI haven't read the entire bible but I've heard it's a good book.
oldHe read from the old bible every night.
openHe kept his open bible close to his chest at all times.
firstMy first bible was a gift from my grandmother.
newThe new bible will be translated into a language that everyone can understand.
largeThe priest read from his large bible
completeI have read the complete bible and it has changed my life.
ownI have my own bible
smallThe small bible lay forgotten on the nightstand.
bigThe reverend was reading a big bible during the sermon.
littleMy little bible is always with me.
holyThe holy bible is a religious text that is considered sacred by many people.
lineI keep my line bible close at hand.
blackThe black bible is an interesting read.
famousThe famous bible is a book of ancient religious texts that is considered holy by many people.
boundThe bound bible lay on the table.
infallibleThe infallible bible is a source of eternal truth.
printedThe ancient printed bible is considered a valuable artifact.
originalThe original bible was written in Hebrew and Greek.
wornThe worn bible was a testament to its owner's faith.
polyglotThe polyglot bibles in the research library have many languages on each page.
hugeThe huge bible sat on the podium, its pages open to the Book of John.
beautifulThe beautiful bible was opened on the table.
ancientThe ancient bible holds many stories and teachings that have been passed down through generations.
centuryThe century bible is a popular English translation of the Bible.
officialThe official bible is widely considered to be the King James Version (KJV).
blessedThe blessed bible is a source of comfort and inspiration for many people.
christianThe Christian bible is a collection of religious texts or scriptures that are accepted as being authoritative in Christianity.
preciousLet us treasure the precious bible
standardThe standard bible is a collection of religious texts.
dailyI start my day with a daily bible reading.
armenianThe Armenian bible refers to the Bibles that were translated into Armenian.
quartoHe kept a quarto bible on the desk by his bed.
tatteredHe held the tattered bible close to his chest, finding comfort in its familiar words.
pulpitThe preacher held the pulpit bible high as he delivered his sermon.
handsomeThe preacher showed off his handsome bible
sacredI keep my sacred bible on the nightstand.
volumeThe scholars spent years poring over the volume bible
magnificentThe magnificent bible was a sight to behold.
thickThe thick bible sat heavily on the lectern.
coveredShe left the covered bible on the nightstand when she went to the bathroom.
annotatedThe annotated bible contained extensive commentary and analysis.
secularThe 'secular bible', a book by Christopher Hitchens, argues against the existence of God.
veritableThe vast library was a veritable bible of knowledge.
authoritativeThe authoritative bible is the foundation of our faith.
dearDear bible please guide me in my daily life.
latinThe ancient Latin bible was an important work of literature.
languageThe language bible is a comprehensive guide to the language.
pictorialI have a pictorial bible that I use to study the scriptures.
letterThe letter bible is a small book that contains the entire Bible text written out in letter form.
canonicalThe canonical bible is the standard version of the Bible that is used by most Christian denominations.
belovedMy beloved bible has been my constant companion for many years.
literalIn a literal bible interpretation, every word of the Bible is taken as true.
closedThe closed bible lay on the nightstand.
emergencyThe emergency bible was right beside the door.
theThe bible is a collection of ancient texts sacred to Christians and Jews.
illuminatedI studied the illuminated bible with great interest.
dutchMy grandfather left me his old Dutch bible
goldenThe golden bible was a treasure that was passed down through generations.

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