Adjectives for Bid

Adjectives For Bid

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bid, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a bid can dramatically affect the perception of its value and competitiveness. A highest bid conveys a position of strength and determination, often implying a willingness to outperform others at any cost. Conversely, a lowest bid may highlight affordability or a strategy to win by offering the most economical option. The first bid sets the tone, possibly demonstrating eagerness or readiness, while a successful bid celebrates triumph, having outpaced competitors. Meanwhile, the last bid holds a sense of finality, possibly a last chance for victory. Each adjective uncovers a new layer of strategy and intent behind the bid, painting a vivid picture of the dynamics at play. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany bid and explore the intricate nuances each brings to the table.
highestThe painting was sold to the highest bid
lowestThe project was awarded to the company with the lowest bid
firstThe first bid was surprisingly high.
successfulThe company submitted a successful bid for the contract.
lastThe last bid was the winning bid.
lowThe company won the contract with the low bid
presidentialThe senator announced his presidential bid at a rally in Iowa.
desperateThe desperate bid to save the company failed.
unsuccessfulThe company's unsuccessful bid for the contract resulted in a loss of millions.
finalThe final bid was accepted.
winningThe company submitted the winning bid for the project.
higherThe current higher bid for the car is $10,000.
strongThe company made a strong bid for the contract.
competitiveThe company won the contract through a competitive bid
secondHe was out bid on his second bid
bestThe best bid for the item was $500.
hostileThe hostile bid was met with fierce resistance from the company's management.
overThe company's stock price has been over bid in recent months.
boldShe submitted a bold bid to win the contract.
minimumThe minimum bid for the auction is $100.
initialThe initial bid was $100,000.
originalThe original bid was very low.
seriousI placed a serious bid on the rare book at the auction.
lowerWe chose the company with the lower bid
currentThe current bid price for the painting is $10,000.
sealedThe sealed bid process ensures fair competition among the bidders.
maximumThe maximum bid for the auction is $10,000.
electionThe incumbent senator's election bid was unsuccessful.
openThe open bid for the project was five million dollars.
previousThe previous bid the company made was just under $10 million.
olympicParis is in the running for the 2024 Olympic bid
firmThe Bank of England received a firm bid for its 10-year bond issue.
openingThe opening bid for the rare painting was surprisingly low at one million dollars.
jointThe two companies agreed to participate in a joint bid for the project.
twoThe project took two bid submissions.
gubernatorialHer gubernatorial bid was unsuccessful.
cueThe cue bid was a risky move, but it ultimately paid off.
optimalUse the optimal bid to secure the desired ranking and maximize campaign performance.
formalThe company submitted a formal bid for the contract.
weakThe stock's weak bid caused the price to drop.
preemptiveThe company made a preemptive bid to acquire the smaller competitor before other potential buyers could enter the process.
vainVain bid to guard with feeble hands the portals of his life.
startingThe starting bid for the auction was $100.
acceptableThe company submitted an acceptable bid for the project.
outThe winning bidder out bid the others by ten thousand dollars.
communistThe communist bid for power was ultimately unsuccessful.
topThe top bid for the painting was $100,000.
obviousThe team's obvious bid for a home run fell just short.
latestThe latest bid for the painting was $10,000.
minuteThe minute bid for the construction of the new building was $100,000.
sovietThe soviet bid to overtake the United States in space exploration failed
rivalThe rival bid was rejected by the company.
futileThe rebels' futile bid for independence was quickly quashed by the government forces.
strongestThe strongest bid came from a consortium led by a major investment bank.
spadeI made a spade bid at the bridge table.
emptiveTo avoid a bidding war and secure the property, the buyer placed an emptive bid
nitroNitro bid is a vasodilator used to treat angina pectoris.
franticIn a frantic bid to escape, he raced through the maze-like alleys.
unsolicitedThe company ignored the unsolicited bid from their competitor.
apparentThe apparent bid for the acquisition of the company was estimated to be around $2 billion.
trumpTrump bid for the presidency in 2015.
counterThe highest bidder submitted a counter bid in an attempt to secure the property.

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