Adjectives for Bidding

Adjectives For Bidding

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bidding, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun 'bidding' often conjures images of auctions and competitive scenarios, but delving into the adjectives that pair with it reveals a world of nuanced meaning. 'Competitive bidding' evokes a highly contested process, pushing participants to their limits. 'Second bidding', on the other hand, might suggest another chance or a follow-up opportunity. 'International bidding' expands the scope, introducing cross-border complexities and opportunities. Through 'public bidding', the transparency and inclusiveness of the process are highlighted, while 'open bidding' suggests a welcoming, barrier-free scenario. Conversely, 'collusive bidding' hints at under-the-table dealings, undermining fairness. Each adjective unlocks a different perspective on bidding, illustrating the varied scenarios it can represent. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'bidding' and the unique scenarios they encapsulate below.
competitiveThe project was awarded based on competitive bidding with several companies submitting proposals.
secondThe reserve price was not met, so the auction proceeded to a second bidding round.
internationalThe company invited international bidding for the construction project.
publicThe company announced that the project will be open for public bidding next month
openWe're looking for a contractor for this project through open bidding
collusiveThe company was found guilty of collusive bidding and fined heavily.
furtherThe auctioneer requested further bidding from the attendees.
sealedThe sealed bidding process ensures that all bidders submit their bids confidentially.
blindThe auction was conducted using a blind bidding process.
jointThe joint bidding process was completed successfully.
spiritedThe spirited bidding for the rare painting drove the price far beyond its estimated value.
aggressiveThe real estate agent's aggressive bidding strategy secured the property for her client at a favorable price.
slightestThe slightest bidding of a whisper was enough to alert the guards.
successfulThe company's successful bidding for the contract was announced this morning.
proxyI'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by proxy bidding
outThe popular artist was amazed at the high price some people were out bidding for her art.
divineThe divine bidding guided their footsteps through the treacherous path.
secretThe secret bidding process allowed for the highest bidder to remain anonymous.
formalThe formal bidding process was initiated for the construction of the new bridge.
worthThis antique is definitely worth bidding for.
overThe construction company was accused of over bidding on the project.
livelyThe lively bidding at the auction drove the price of the painting to unprecedented heights.
preferentialCompanies can use preferential bidding to offer incentives to specific bidders.
evilThe evil bidding ended in a tragedy.
briskKeen bidders kept the auctioneer busy with brisk bidding throughout the lively sale.
electronicThe electronic bidding process helped the organization to save time and resources.
closedThe procurement process will utilize a closed bidding system.
firmThe firm bidding process ensures that all contractors submit their best and final offer upfront.
strategicStrategic bidding is a technique used in auctions to maximize the chances of winning an item or service.
underI'm sorry, 'under bidding' is not a valid verb phrase. Did you mean 'underbidding'?
unbalancedThe unbalanced bidding process resulted in an unfair distribution of resources.
fairA fair bidding process should allow all participants an equal opportunity to win.
mightyThe mighty bidding war for the painting dragged on for hours.
noncompetitiveThe board of directors approved the noncompetitive bidding process.
reservedThe auction included reserved bidding to ensure a minimum selling price.
imperiousUnder their imperious bidding the children filed out.
royalThe king announced his royal bidding to the court, demanding that all knights assemble for the jousting tournament.
frenziedThe auctioneer watched on in amazement as the bidders engaged in a frenzied bidding war over the rare painting.
franticThe frantic bidding for the painting quickly reached astronomical levels.
keenThe keen bidding at the auction reached a fever pitch.
speculativeThe businessman engaged in speculative bidding on the latest artwork by the renowned painter.
iterativeThe auction is conducted using an iterative bidding process, whereby bidders sequentially submit bids until only one bid remains.
cruelThe cruel bidding for the rare painting reached a frenzy.
accurateAccurate bidding ensures competitive costs for both suppliers and buyers.
truthfulThe auction was successful because of the truthful bidding
defensiveIn the final stages of the auction, the buyers employed defensive bidding to prevent each other from winning.
papalThe king acted on the papal bidding
silentThe silent bidding process allowed guests to place offers on items without having to directly interact with others.
urgentThe urgent bidding process attracted numerous investors.
intenseThe intense bidding at the auction drove the price of the painting to an unexpected level.
simultaneousThe process of conducting multiple auctions concurrently is known as simultaneous bidding
fierceThe fierce bidding drove the price of the painting up to an astronomical level.

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