Adjectives for Bill

Adjectives For Bill

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bill, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives tied to the word 'bill' reveals a range of nuanced meanings that enhance understanding and communication. A 'new bill' brings a sense of fresh legislation or an unpaid charge, while a 'dollar bill' refers specifically to currency. An 'original bill' might relate to the first draft of a legislative document, indicating its primary version. The term 'total bill' emphasizes the aggregate amount owed, and a 'clean bill' could signify clear health or an unamended legislative document. 'Second bill' implies a subsequent or follow-up invoice. Each adjective fine-tunes the context, highlighting the versatile ways 'bill' is used in language. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly paired with 'bill' and how they subtly shift its meaning.
newThe new bill requires all dogs to be licensed.
dollarHe took out a crisp dollar bill and handed it to the cashier.
originalThe original bill passed through both houses of Congress by overwhelming margins.
totalThe total bill came to $20.00.
cleanThe doctor gave me a clean bill of health.
secondThe second bill was passed by a narrow margin.
civilThe civil bill was passed by the Senate.
longThe pelican's long bill scooped up fish from the water.
trueThe grand jury returned a true bill charging the defendant with murder.
privateThe proposed changes were included in a private bill introduced by Senator Smith.
finalThe final bill came to $200.
annualThe annual bill is due in January.
similarThe two proposals had provisions that were almost identical, with only a few minor differences, and thus would be known as 'similar bills'.
monthlyI forgot to pay my monthly bill
electricI can't believe my electric bill is so high this month.
foreignThe bank clerk refused to exchange the foreign bill
doubleThe cinema is showing a double bill of the latest action movies.
entireI paid the entire bill in one payment.
federalThe federal bill was passed by the House of Representatives.
omnibusThe omnibus bill which contained a variety of unrelated provisions, passed by a narrow margin.
thirdMy third bill was the highest one of all.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive bill includes a wide range of measures to address the issue.
separateI asked for a separate bill
bigThe restaurant gave me a big bill for the meal.
calledHe was called bill
supplementalThe supplemental bill which provides additional funding for government programs, was passed by Congress.
yellowThe duck's yellow bill was a standout feature among the other birds in the pond.
heavyThe heavy bill weighed down the bird.
straightThe bird had a straight bill
famousThe famous bill Gates is known for his work in the technology industry.
unpaidThe unpaid bill was finally settled.
hugeI got a huge bill for my car repairs.
controversialThe controversial bill sparked heated debates in the parliament.
dueThe due bill was received as payment for the services rendered.
crossThe cross bill of the parrotfinch facilitates its specialized feeding habits.
navalThe naval bill was passed by the House of Representatives.
taxThe tax bill passed by Congress included several provisions that would benefit corporations.
irishIrish bill is a great person to work with.
negotiableThe negotiable bill is a draft or order in writing, signed by the drawer, which requires the person to whom it is addressed to pay, on demand, or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money to order or to bearer.
legislativeThe legislative bill was passed by a narrow margin.
slenderThe slender bill of the bird was perfect for reaching into crevices to find food.
weeklyI paid my weekly bill yesterday.
handI handed out hand bills at the park.
receiptedMary handed the receipted bill to the man at the counter.
curvedThe hummingbird's curved bill allows it to reach deep into flowers to extract nectar.
itemizedI examined the itemized bill and noticed that the total price was incorrect.
lightThe light bill is due on the 15th of every month.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary bill was finally passed after months of debate.
duckThe duck bill is a remarkable and unique adaptation that helps the duck feed efficiently.
fiscalThe fiscal bill was passed by a narrow margin.
dayThe client requested a day bill for the project.
sharpThe hawk's sharp bill allowed it to tear into the flesh of its prey.
hookedThe pelican has a long, hooked bill that it uses to catch fish.
hourThe attorney submitted an hour bill for his services.
constitutionalThe court ruled that the constitutional bill was unconstitutional.
congressionalMembers of the House and Senate approved different versions of the congressional bill
enormousThe enormous bill caused me to worry about my finances.

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