Adjectives for Bin

Adjectives For Bin

Discover the most common adjectives for 'bin' used in everyday language, including 'loony', 'dust', 'large', and 'local'. Our web app provides examples of how these adjectives are applied, enhancing your understanding and usage. Perfect for writers, educators, and anyone looking to refine their vocabulary.

loonyThe patient escaped from the loony bin and is now on the loose.
dustI took out the dust bin and emptied it.
largeThere was a large bin in the corner of the room.
localEmpty the local bin before it starts to smell.
overheadI had to put my bag in the overhead bin
twoTwo bin behind the shop.
emptyDon't forget to empty bin before you go out.
secondMary went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to fetch the milk carton, but it was not there so she checked the second bin on the top shelf.
looneyThe angry doctor sent his patient to the looney bin
bigI put the trash in the big bin
coalThe coal bin was filled to the brim.
ichIch bin müde.
plasticThe plastic bin was filled with dirty clothes.
woodenThe wooden bin contained a variety of old photographs.
separatePlease put the trash and recyclables in separate bins.
rectangularThe rectangular bin was filled with old newspapers.
openI need to take out the trash; the open bin is starting to smell.
hugeI emptied the huge bin of recyclables.
appropriatePlease dispose of the waste in the appropriate bin
tonAllongé sur son ton bin il regardait le plafond.
nearestDrop the used tissues into the nearest bin
cgiYou can find the CGI bin directory at
oreThe ore bin was filled to capacity with the newly mined ore.
grainThe tall grain bin dominated the skyline of the small town.
circularI threw the trash into the circular bin
properI threw my trash in the proper bin
prettyI put my trash in the pretty bin
ashThe ash bin was overflowing with cigarette butts.
deepWe can put the heavy papers in the deep bin
lowestThe lowest bin contained the most recyclable materials.
bottomEmpty the bottom bin
greenPlease put your compost in the green bin
bluePlease put your recyclables in the blue bin
breadThe bread bin was filled with fresh loaves.
correspondingPlace the recyclables into their corresponding bin
linedJessica put her old newspapers into the lined bin
hierHier bin ich!
highestThe highest bin was filled with toys.
cylindricalThe cylindrical bin had a capacity of 100 liters.
correctPlease put the recyclables in the correct bin
overflowingThe overflowing bin filled the room with a foul stench.
jetztJetzt bin ich bereit, Ihnen zu helfen.
hotWe need to turn the compost regularly to encourage the decomposition process in the hot bin
muhammadMuhammad bin Qasim is a well-known Arab General.
topHarry Kane scored a stunning goal into the top bin
suleiman"Suleiman bin Abdulaziz never wanted to become King of Saudi Arabia."
khalidKhalid bin al-Walid was one of the most successful military commanders in Islamic history.
riceI checked the rice bin to see if there was enough rice for dinner.
scrapShe rummaged through the scrap bin hoping to find a spare part.
adjacentThe adjacent bin is full of old newspapers.

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