Adjectives for Biographies

Adjectives For Biographies

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing biographies, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring biographies through the lens of adjectives reveals the depth and diversity of people's lives. A short biography might capture the essence of a person's achievements in just a few pages, while a brief one could highlight pivotal moments that define them. The word many suggests a rich tapestry of personalities and stories waiting to be discovered. When we say several, we hint at the variety and complexity within a single narrative. An individual biography focuses on the unique aspects that set a person apart, and the best biographies leave a lasting impression, inspiring readers to learn more about the human condition. Dive deeper into the nuances of these descriptions and explore the full list of adjectives perfectly suited for biographies below.
shortThe school library has a section with short biographies of famous people.
briefThe book contained brief biographies of the most famous scientists.
manyI have read many biographies of great people.
severalI have read several biographies of famous scientists.
individualI'm interested in reading individual biographies of all the former presidents.
bestThe best biographies are those that make us feel like we know the person they're about, and make us understand their motivations and choices.
recentHis recent biographies are an inspiration to aspiring lawyers everywhere.
numerousThe author has published numerous biographies
earlyEarly biographies celebrated their genius, but now the dark side of their characters is being revealed.
historicalThe project will be a series of historical biographies of figures who have made the city what it is today.
politicalThe most notable political biographies of the 20th century include David McCullough's 'Truman' and Robert Caro's 'The Power Broker'.
mostMost biographies are self-serving.
personalI am reading her personal biographies
collectiveThe library houses several collective biographies detailing the lives of famous scientists.
modernThe modern biographies are full of valuable information.
variousI have read various biographies of famous people throughout history.
popularPopular biographies provide insights into the lives of notable figures.
americanMy favorite american biographies are about famous explorers.
standardThe standard biographies of her life are not illuminating.
literaryThe author's literary biographies are a treasure trove of information about the lives of famous writers.
excellentThe library shelves were lined with excellent biographies of famous figures.
officialMinisters would normally have official biographies published on the government website.
criticalHistorians, for example, have commonly written critical biographies of political, military, and religious figures.
earlierThese earlier biographies seldom mention the presence of Wilson's elder brothers or of the death of his younger sister in 1859.
lengthThe author is known mostly for his short-length biographies that are entertaining and accessible.
innumerableThe library had innumerable biographies of famous people.
interestingInterconnected stories revealed the lives of the artists in interesting biographies
contemporaryResearchers used contemporary biographies to analyze the demographic composition of British economists in the 18th century.
laterThe later biographies give so much more detail than I would have expected.
religiousReligious biographies can be a great source of spiritual inspiration.
ancientAncient biographies offer a rich tapestry of historical perspectives.
previousHer previous biographies always focused on her career.
usefulUseful biographies offer insight into the lives and accomplishments of notable individuals.
separateIn separate biographies both Chief Black Hawk and Chief Tecumseh stood up for what they believed in.
spiritualReading spiritual biographies can be a great way to learn and grow.
earliestThe earliest biographies of Henry VIII present a complex and contradictory picture of the man.
selectDo you want to read some select biographies of famous writers?
scholarlyScholars interested in studying about prominent scholars of the 19th century can use the scholarly biographies database.
olderHer interest in the sciences and older biographies persisted long into her later years.
criminalThe criminal biographies program explores the lives of notorious criminals.
intellectualThe book of intellectual biographies has been published.
subsequentThe subsequent biographies of the author highlight his contributions to literature.
centuryThe book contains century biographies of the most remarkable people
respectiveThe renowned authors gathered for a symposium to discuss their respective biographies
pottedI've read several potted biographies of Abraham Lincoln.
fictionalCritics argue that the fictional biographies of celebrities are often inaccurate and misleading.
valuableHistorians often refer to valuable biographies when trying to reconstruct historical events.
musicalI am reading musical biographies and enjoying learning about the lives of great composers.
conciseHer writing has been described as having a 'disconcertingly lucid prose style' and her concise biographies have been praised for their 'insightful simplicity'.
imperialThe History of Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties and the Imperial biographies are included in the 24 Histories.
notableThe bookshelf displayed notable biographies of famous scientists and explorers.
extensiveHe has written extensive biographies of many notable figures.
fictionalizedThe professor used fictionalized biographies to teach history.
selectedThe book contains selected biographies of notable figures in history.
miniI enjoy reading mini biographies of famous people.
outstandingShe wrote outstanding biographies of several noted authors.
availableThe available biographies include many famous authors.
shorterIt boasts easy-to-read profiles and shorter biographies of well-known people.
famousThe famous biographies which line the shelf, tell the stories of the great and influential.
countlessThe countless biographies that had been written about him failed to capture the essence of his character
unauthorizedThe website maintains a database of over 4,500 unauthorized biographies
elaborateThe museum's exhibit featured elaborate biographies of all the artists involved.
finestThe history of the world resides in the finest biographies
lengthyThe lengthy biographies of famous people are inspiring.
medievalThe medieval biographies provide insights into the lives of people who lived during that time period.
authoritativeI found a collection of authoritative biographies on my recent trip to the library.
scaleI read scale biographies to get a wider view of history.

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