Adjectives for Bios

Adjectives For Bios

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bios, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe bios can significantly alter the perception and emphasis of the narrative at hand. Whether discussing the rom bios, which evokes a sense of technical precision, or the greek bios, hinting at historical richness and depth, each adjective unlocks a unique facet of bios. The new bios suggests innovation and modernity, while a short bios might indicate a succinct, impactful life story. Conversely, an older bios could suggest a narrative filled with wisdom and long-standing value. Crafting the narrative with your own choice of adjectives can make the description of bios deeply personal and resonant. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives below to best capture the essence of bios in your text.
romThe ROM bios is a type of firmware that is used to initialize the hardware of a computer system.
greekAncient Greek bios mean life and everyday life.
ownI don't have access to the internet, so I cannot access my own bios
newThe company announced their new bios today.
shortI created short bios for the new hires.
olderMany older bios are written in a third-person narrative style.
briefShe skimmed the brief bios of the authors.
originalThe submitted article contained original bios and photos of 34 different African American women.
standardThe scientists used standard bios to compare the genetic traits of two rat models.
oldThe old bios were not as informative as the new ones.
currentMark lacks $180 because his current bios are so troubling.
boardThe board bios were informative and provided a good overview of the directors.
latestPlease update your system with the latest bios
historyRemember those history bios you used to read about famous people?
hardThe scientist cracked the hard bios of the genes.
compliantThe compliant bios are meticulously designed to conform to industry standards and regulations.
typicalThe scientist submitted a grant with a proposal to study obesity in a typical bios population.
polyPoly bios is a term used to refer to the theory that life arose from inorganic matter.
compatibleThe two computers have compatible bios
modernModern bios are often filled with buzzwords and hyperbole.
mostMost bios don't mention whether the person is a good dancer.
mainThe main bios are located in the directory.
miniThese mini bios will give you some insight into the lives of our staff.
scenicThe scenic bios of the nature documentary showcased the vibrant ecosystem in stunning detail.
idealI'm looking for someone with ideal bios for my new position.
basedHer based bios showcased her capabilities.
enhancedThe researchers used enhanced bios to improve the efficiency of the production process.
outdatedSome outdated bios can be found on the website.
onboardThe computer's onboard bios is responsible for initializing the hardware and loading the operating system.
mathematicalMathematical bios are based on the mathematical modeling of biological systems.
calledThe class called bios was very interesting.
specializedWe made specialized bios for our new employees.
newerThe newer bios have increased compatibility with the latest hardware.
reflectiveThe researcher gathered reflective bios from the participants.
rusticThe rustic bios of the pioneer homesteaders showcased their resilience and resourcefulness.
overallWe have computed the overall bios for athletes across all sports.
bitThe bit bios of the new computer are very impressive.
eternal"Eternal bios" refer to a concept in computer science where a computer can simulate a person's consciousness and personality indefinitely.
oseJose bios should never make a big deal about being right.
dateI've been on a few great date bios lately.
philosophicalShe was very interested in his philosophical bios
lowlevelThe programming language allows access to lowlevel bios

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