Adjectives for Bishop

Adjectives For Bishop

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bishop, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'bishop' can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, offering a deeper insight into the context, the bishop's characteristics, or the timing of the narrative. Whether highlighting the 'first' bishop to preside over a newly established diocese, introducing a 'new' bishop who brings fresh perspectives, praising the 'good' deeds and moral stance of a church leader, commemorating a 'late' bishop whose legacy lives on, engaging with the 'local' bishop's community-oriented activities, or reflecting on the wisdom of an 'old' bishop, each adjective serves to provide specificity and clarity. Delve deeper into the nuances each adjective brings to the noun 'bishop' by exploring our comprehensive list below.
firstThe first bishop of the diocese was appointed in 1859.
newThe new bishop of the diocese was consecrated yesterday.
goodThe good bishop was beloved by all in the diocese.
lateThe late bishop was a great man.
localThe local bishop gave a sermon that inspired many.
oldThe old bishop had a long white beard.
presentThe present bishop was a quiet and thoughtful man.
romanThe Roman bishop consecrated the new church.
diocesanThe diocesan bishop presided over the ordination of the new priest.
anglicanThe Anglican bishop presided over the service.
christianThe Christian bishop gave a sermon on the importance of love and forgiveness.
secondThe second bishop in our diocese asked for a transfer.
holyThe holy bishop blessed the congregation before his sermon.
titularIn his capacity as titular bishop of Skara from 1992 to 2004, Anderson did not exercise any pastoral powers of a bishop over any diocese.
englishThe Bishop of Bradford gave an address to the English bishops.
futureI heard that the future bishop will visit the church next week.
auxiliaryThe auxiliary bishop assisted the archbishop during the ceremony.
missionaryThe missionary bishop traveled to remote villages to spread the word of God.
venerableThe venerable bishop delivered a powerful sermon that inspired the congregation.
learnedThe learned bishop discoursed eloquently upon the virtues of humility.
suffraganThe suffragan bishop will be installed in the cathedral this weekend.
frenchThe French bishop sent a message to the pope.
thirdIn 1970, he was unanimously elected as the third bishop of the newly founded diocese of Simhasanam, based in Parasala, Kerala.
centuryThe century bishop oversaw the church for many years.
arianThe Arian bishop Ulfilas converted the Visigoths to Christianity.
dearDear bishop I hope this letter finds you well
protestantJohn Smith was a prominent Protestant bishop in the 18th century.
famousThe famous bishop gave a sermon that inspired many people.
cardinalThe cardinal bishop will be celebrating the mass.
seniorThe senior bishop led the diocese with wisdom and compassion.
agedThe aged bishop delivered a sermon to the congregation.
irishThe Irish bishop's sermon was very moving.
universalThe universal bishop has authority over all other bishops in the church.
poorThe poor bishop had to give up his wealth.
consecratedAfter he was consecrated bishop he moved to the countryside.
worthyThe worthy bishop blessed the townspeople.
assistantThe assistant bishop will be visiting our parish next week.
greekThe Greek bishop was a wise and holy man.
africanThe African bishop delivered a powerful sermon on the importance of faith.
chiefThe chief bishop will meet with the archbishop tomorrow.
spanishThe Spanish bishop spoke out against the government's austerity measures.
archThe arch bishop delivered a powerful sermon at the cathedral.
excellentThe excellent bishop gave a passionate sermon.
celebratedThe celebrated bishop preached a sermon that inspired the congregation.
saintlyThe saintly bishop preached humility and forgiveness.
laterThe later bishop was a controversial figure.
metropolitanThe metropolitan bishop presided over the ordination of the new priest.
piousThe pious bishop gave a sermon on the importance of humility.
fourthThe fourth bishop was a man of great learning and piety.
armenianThe Armenian bishop was a kind and generous man.
reverendThe reverend bishop blessed the congregation at the morning service.
syrianThe Syrian bishop urged the faithful to remain strong in the face of persecution.
italianThe Italian bishop presided over the ceremony.
orthodoxThe orthodox bishop gave a sermon on the importance of faith.
belovedThe beloved bishop was a beacon of hope for the community.
moravianThe Moravian bishop presided over the service.
catholicThe Catholic bishop gave a sermon on the importance of forgiveness.
colonialThe colonial bishop was a powerful figure in the local community.
eminentThe eminent bishop gave a sermon that was both inspiring and thought-provoking.
zealousThe zealous bishop preached his sermon with great fervor.
fifthThe fifth bishop of the diocese was consecrated in 1985.
constitutionalThe constitutional bishop was elected by the people and clergy of the diocese.
deceasedThe deceased bishop was remembered for his work with the poor and marginalized.
egyptianThe Egyptian bishop has been travelling around the country.
illustriousThe illustrious bishop was renowned for his wisdom and piety.
supremeThe supreme bishop consecrated the new archbishop.
popishThe popish bishop was accused of heresy.
warlikeThe warlike bishop led his troops into battle.
latinThe Latin bishop presided over the mass.
distinguishedThe distinguished bishop blessed the congregation.
residentThe resident bishop presided over the meeting.
lawfulThe lawful bishop consecrated the new church.
rivalThe rival bishop who shared the same theological views, tried to undermine his authority.
thenHe was then bishop of Alexandria.
mormonThe mormon bishop gave a sermon on the importance of family.

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