Adjectives for Bit

Adjectives For Bit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing bit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'bit' can subtly or significantly alter the meaning of a phrase, affecting its impact and resonance. A 'little bit' conveys a small, perhaps negligible, amount, while a 'significant bit' implies an important or notable portion. The adjective 'tiny' emphasizes the minuscule nature, differing from the finality suggested by the 'last bit.' Similarly, 'good bit' might suggest a substantial amount that is positively regarded. Understanding these nuances demonstrates the power of language and the importance of selecting the precise word to convey intent and emotion. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly used with 'bit' and explore the shades of meaning each brings to your expression.
littleI've been finding it a little bit difficult to concentrate lately.
leastI am not going to do that in the least bit
goodHe has been working in that department for a good bit of time now.
lastShe finished the last bit of the puzzle.
tinyShe was so happy that she was shaking a tiny bit
significantThe most significant bit of a binary number is the leftmost bit.
slightestI couldn't detect the slightest bit of emotion in her voice.
singleThe single bit error occurred in the middle of the transmission.
fairI spent a fair bit of time on this project.
extraI didn't know I needed an extra bit of help.
niceI only had a nice bit of the apple.
interestingThat is an interesting bit of information.
tiniestI added just the tiniest bit of salt to the recipe.
damnThat damn bit of paper got lost again.
correspondingThe corresponding bit in the register is set to 1 if the condition is met.
orderThe order bit is set to indicate that the ordering of the bit values is ascending.
oddI have an odd bit of change in my pocket.
leftmostThe leftmost bit of the binary representation of the number 10 is 1.
smallestThe smallest bit of information can make all the difference.
straightI used a straight bit to bore a hole in the wood.
prettyShe was a pretty bit jealous of her friends.
curiousThe curious bit was when the moon turned red.
slightI'm feeling a slight bit under the weather today.
cleverThe clever bit is that the user can drag and drop the items to change their order.
eighthThe eighth bit of the data byte is used as a parity bit.
lovelyIt was a lovely bit of music.
occasionalThere is an occasional bit of black humor in the novel.
inchI moved the box inch bit by inch bit
stickyThe sticky bit is a file permission in Unix-like systems that prevents a file from being deleted or renamed even by the owner of the file.
rareThe rare bit of antique furniture was a priceless heirloom.
validThe valid bit in the status register indicates whether the operation was successful.
dirtyThe dirty bit is set when a page is modified.
charmingThe charming bit of the town was its quaint little shops.
damnedThe damned bit of the argument held him back from the promotion.
neatThat's a neat bit of work, John.
nastyI can't believe you said that nasty bit about my mother.
preciousShe keeps the precious bit of information close to her chest.
rightmostThe rightmost bit of a binary number is the bit that is farthest to the right.
trickyI figured out the tricky bit

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