Adjectives for Blame

Adjectives For Blame

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing blame, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the nuanced world of English, the word blame can be paired with a variety of adjectives, each altering its weight and direction. Words like self, whole, and entire shift responsibility onto a single entity, emphasizing introspection or total accountability. On the flip side, adjectives such as small or moral introduce degrees of judgment or ethical consideration, suggesting that not all blame is equal. The nuance that these adjectives bring to conversations can dramatically shape perceptions of accountability and responsibility. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with blame to grasp the complexity and subtlety they introduce to discourse.
wholeThe whole blame for the failure should not be put on one person.
muchIt is not fair to put much blame on him.
smallNo small blame can be attached to the government for the manner in which the matter has been handled.
entireThe entire blame was placed on the manager for the project's failure.
moralThe moral blame for the accident should be shared equally between the driver and the pedestrian.
moreThe principal placed more blame on the students for the disruption.
fullI must bear the full blame for the mistake.
chiefThe chief blame for the accident rests with the driver.
personalThe politician tried to avoid personal blame by accusing his opponents of corruption.
littleThe error was committed with little blame with the CEO.
realThe real blame lies with those who knew about the problem and did nothing.
individualIt was difficult to assign individual blame for the accident.
greaterShe bore the greater blame for the accident.
lessConsider the less blame and more learning approach.
majorHe was held to major blame for the situation.
primaryThe primary blame for the accident was placed on the driver's negligence.
seriousThe serious blame for the accident fell on the driver.
ultimateThe ultimate blame for the accident fell on the careless driver.
principalThe principal blame for the accident fell on the driver.
mainThe main blame for the accident falls on the driver.
soleHe was given the sole blame for the accident.
equalThey shared equal blame for the accident.
greatestThe greatest blame lies with those who knew the truth but did nothing.
slightestHe could not stand the slightest blame coming from her.
possibleThe possible blame for the accident was placed on the driver.
considerableThe issue has been ongoing for a long time with considerable blame being placed on the leadership for not stepping in sooner.
enoughAlthough he was not at fault, he received enough blame to tarnish his reputation.
mutualThe two sides engaged in mutual blame each accusing the other of starting the conflict.
leastThe committee found her least blame for the accident.
undeservedThe undeserved blame fell heavily on the innocent bystander.
partialThe employee's partial blame led to the company's losses.
heavyHe carried the heavy blame for the accident.
severeThe jury found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, resulting in severe blame and a lengthy prison sentence.
excessiveHer excessive blame towards me made me feel guilty.
bitterI could not bear the bitter blame any longer.
unjustThe innocent man bore the unjust blame for the crime he did not commit.
exclusiveThe exclusive blame for the accident lies with the reckless driver.
undueThe manager placed undue blame on his assistant for the error.
collectiveThe collective blame for the failed project fell on the entire team.
parentalThe child's poor performance at school was attributed to parental blame
universalThe universal blame for the accident fell upon the driver.
falseHe was under false blame for the crime which was committed by somebody else.
unmeritedThe unmerited blame was placed on the innocent.
sinfulThe sinful blame lay heavily on his soul.
smallestThe smallest blame can sometimes lead to the greatest consequences.
severestThe severest blame was reserved for those who had abandoned their comrades.
heaviestThe heaviest blame fell upon the shoulders of the captain.
indiscriminateThe committee's indiscriminate blame cast a shadow over the entire investigation.
unfairThe unfair blame left him feeling resentful and angry.
andShe missed the flight and blamed the weather
harshThe harsh blame from the manager made the employee feel humiliated.
amidstThe defiant child stood amidst blame and accusations.

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