Adjectives for Block

Adjectives For Block

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing block, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the adjectives paired with the noun 'block' unveils the rich tapestry of its applications and meanings. A 'stumbling block' highlights obstacles, while a 'complete block' evokes a sense of entirety and finality. The dimensionality of a 'large block' contrasts with the singularity of a 'single block', each shaping our visual and conceptual understanding differently. 'Next block' introduces an element of proximity and sequence, inviting narratives of exploration or progress. Lastly, 'solid block' conveys reliability and strength, key traits in both physical and metaphorical constructs. These adjectives do more than modify; they transform 'block' into a cornerstone of varied narratives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives enhancing 'block' and their nuanced implications below.
stumblingThe major stumbling block to progress on the project was a lack of funding.
completeThe medical student knew the complete block was important to pass the exam.
largeThe large block of ice was slowly melting in the sun.
singleThe entire building was a single block of concrete.
nextThe park is on the next block
solidThe solid block of ice was too heavy for me to lift.
concreteWe used concrete blocks to build the retaining wall.
degreeHer doctoral degree block delayed her job search.
entireThe developer had to rebuild the entire block to fix the issue.
rightThe right block of the building was damaged in the earthquake.
secondMy second block class is my favorite.
basicThe basic block of all matter is the atom.
mainThe main block of the new building is almost finished.
leftThe patient had a left block bundle branch and right axis deviation on ECG.
woodenI grabbed a wooden block from a bucket of colorful wooden blocks.
wholeThe contractor plans to add another whole block of affordable housing to the area.
majorThe major block of the castle stood alone against the attack.
rectangularThe rectangular block of wood was used to build the house.
centralThe central block of the building is the most secure one.
bigThe big block of ice was melting in the sun.
hugeThe huge block of concrete was too heavy for the crane to lift.
sympatheticThe doctor performed a sympathetic block to alleviate the patient's chronic pain.
partialThe partial block was a minor inconvenience.
spinalThe spinal block was administered to numb the lower body during surgery.
branchThe doctor suspected a branch block because of the abnormal ECG readings.
incompleteIncomplete block design is a special case of block design in which every treatment is not replicated the same number of times in each block.
mentalThe mental block kept me from solving the puzzle.
largestShe holds the world record for the largest block ever chopped out of marble.
regionalThe regional block of the city was closed off due to a parade.
upperHe lifted the upper block of the large statue.
pupillaryPupillary block glaucoma is a type of glaucoma that occurs when the pupil becomes blocked, preventing fluid from draining out of the eye.
storeyThe huge storey block of flats was hard to miss.
brachialThe brachial block was successful in providing pain relief during the surgery.
subarachnoidThe anesthesiologist administered a subarachnoid block to numb the patient's lower extremities.
fundamentalThe fundamental block of computers is the transistor.
functionalThe functional block is responsible for performing a specific task.
halfThe half block of cheese was just enough for the recipe.
paracervicalThe paracervical block is a nerve block used to relieve pain during labor and delivery.
massiveThe construction workers struggled to move the massive block of concrete.
pudendalPudendal block analgesia, a regional anesthesia technique, was provided to the patient 30 minutes before surgery.
stellateAnesthesiologists can perform a stellate block to treat complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) type 1.
keyThe key block is made of metal.
shapedThe stacked shaped blocks created an impressive structure.
neuromuscularThe neuromuscular block has completely resolved.
doubleThe pitcher quickly threw a double block after the batter hit the ball with a line drive.
continuousThe continuous block of text was too long for me to read.
stableThe horses were restless in the stable block overnight.
bilateralThe patient had a bilateral block in the lumbar spine.
atrioventricularThe physician recognized a third-degree atrioventricular block on ECG.
dependentThe dependent block was not accessible at that time.
fascicularThe patient has a fascicular block which is a condition that affects the electrical impulses in the heart.
biggestThe biggest block of the town is the one located in the centre.
roadThe road block caused a lot of traffic.
terminalThe terminal block is used to connect multiple wires together in an electrical system.
unidirectionalThe unusual unidirectional block in the intraventricular conduction system is attributed to the different refractory time courses.
heartThe patient had a sudden heart block after surgery.
peripheralThe peripheral block lasted for about 6 hours.
sinoatrialThe sinoatrial block is a heart condition in which the electrical impulses that trigger the heart to beat are delayed or blocked.
celiacA celiac block is used to block nerve pain in the abdomen caused by celiac plexus neurolysis.

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