Adjectives for Blood

Adjectives For Blood

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing blood, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives used with the noun 'blood' can dramatically transform the tone and specificity of a sentence. Terms like 'venous' or 'arterial' delve into the medical and anatomical nuances, pointing to the circulatory system's complexity. 'Own' and 'human' adjacently pull the concept towards identity and humanity, evoking deep emotional connections. Meanwhile, 'whole' and 'peripheral' broaden the context, hinting at either the entirety or the outermost reaches of this vital fluid. These adjectives enrich our understanding, each adding its shade to describe life's essence flowing within us. Explore the full range below to capture the vivid dimensions 'blood' can convey.
venousThe doctor drew venous blood from the patient's arm.
ownThe vampire drank her own blood
humanThe forensic scientist analyzed the human blood found at the crime scene.
wholeThe patient received a transfusion of whole blood after the accident.
peripheralThe peripheral blood smear showed a mild leukocytosis with a left shift and increased eosinophils.
arterialThe arterial blood contained high levels of oxygen.
coldThe venomous serpent struck its prey in cold blood
muchThe accident resulted in much blood being spilled at the scene.
freshThe company is looking to bring in fresh blood to help with the new project.
redThe crimson tide of red blood surged through her veins.
moreUnfortunately, this situation is likely to get worse, with even more blood on the horizon.
mixedHe is of mixed blood but he identifies as American.
royalThe prince was of royal blood and had a claim to the throne.
badThere was bad blood between the two families.
preciousShe drank the precious blood and felt a surge of strength.
innocentThe rumors of innocent blood being spilled were rampant throughout the town.
pureThe pure blood of the unicorn was said to have healing powers.
hotThe athlete had such hot blood he kept playing even after he had serious injury.
maternalThe maternal blood was tested for the presence of antibodies.
oxygenatedThe oxygenated blood is pumped from the heart to the rest of the body.
warmThe warm blood circulated throughout the animal's body.
normalThe test results show normal blood levels.
menstrualMenstrual blood is a normal part of the female reproductive cycle.
whiteThe white blood cells fought off the infection.
blackThe terrible wounds seeped with an evil black blood
darkThe dark blood stained the white cloth.
nobleShe is a woman of noble blood
occultThe occult blood test is used to determine if there is hidden blood loss in the digestive tract.
bestHe is of the best blood in the country.
clottedThe clotted blood on her forehead was a testament to her recent fall.
portalThe ritual was to offer portal blood to their god, Bavmorda.
spanishThe bullfight was a bloody spectacle of Spanish blood
blueThe aristocrat had blue blood indicating his noble lineage.
enoughThe doctor took enough blood for the test.
veryHis very blood has turned green.
driedThe dried blood on the floor was a grim reminder of the violence that had occurred.
infectedThe patient died from infected blood
irishMy family has Irish blood in its veins.
capillaryCapillary blood was collected using a finger prick.
richThe vampire's fangs sank into the victim's neck, and rich blood poured out.
extravasatedThe extravasated blood caused significant tissue damage.
coagulatedThe coagulated blood formed a thick crust on the wound.
lessHe lost less blood than expected during the surgery.
christianThe Christian blood flowed freely during the persecution of the early Church.
africanHe inherited African blood from his father
umbilicalUmbilical blood collected from the umbilical cord after childbirth, is rich in stem cells.
halfThe wizarding world was divided into two groups: pure bloods and half bloods.
systemicThe doctor ordered systemic blood work to check for any underlying medical conditions.
healthyHis healthy blood is the sign of a long life.
deoxygenatedThe deoxygenated blood from the body entered the heart through its right atrium.
defibrinatedThe defibrinated blood was used to create a plasma-free suspension of red blood cells.
impureThe potion was cursed with impure blood and poison.
pulmonaryThe pulmonary blood is pumped through the lungs to pick up oxygen.
citratedCitrated blood can be used to prevent coagulation.
lifeThe life blood of our business is our customers.
sacrificialThe sacrificial blood dripped slowly down the side of the altar.
arabThe Arab blood he inherited from his father
animalThe animal blood stained the ground crimson.
illThere was ill blood between the two families ever since the tragic accident.
congealedThe dried pool of congealed blood told a sinister tale.
kindredThey were not related by blood, but they were bound by kindred blood
donorThe hospital is in need of donor blood
sacredThe sacred blood of the ancient king was said to have healing powers.
celticI can trace my Celtic blood back generations
coolThe snake had cool blood that made it feel slimy.
effusedThe effused blood stained the pristine white sheets crimson.

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