Adjectives for Blow

Adjectives For Blow

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing blow, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'blow' can significantly alter the mood and meaning of a sentence, revealing intricacies in context and emotion. A 'first blow' may imply the beginning of a conflict, while a 'severe blow' suggests a substantial impact with potentially lasting effects. A 'heavy blow' conveys the weight of the occurrence, both metaphorically and physically, whereas a 'final blow' indicates a conclusive action, often ending a struggle. The mention of a 'fatal blow' introduces a sense of permanence and irreversibility, suggesting an outcome from which there is no return. A 'single blow' highlights the efficiency or the focused intensity of an action. Delve into our full list to explore the profound implications of each adjective when combined with 'blow'.
firstThe first blow knocked the opponent out.
severeThe severe blow knocked him unconscious.
heavyThe heavy blow sent him crashing to the ground.
finalThe warrior delivered the final blow to the dragon.
fatalThe fatal blow came when the enemy's sword pierced his heart.
singleThe knight defeated the dragon with a single blow
greatThe great blow fractured his jaw.
terribleThe scandal has been a terrible blow to her reputation.
seriousThe flooding dealt a serious blow to the local economy.
decisiveThe decisive blow came in the form of a swift uppercut.
mortalThe assassin delivered a mortal blow to the target's heart.
hardThe team suffered a hard blow when their star player was injured.
lastThe last blow was dealt by the sharpest blade.
sharpThe sharp blow from the axe severed the branch in two.
secondThe boxer fell to the ground after the second blow
directThe boxer delivered a direct blow to his opponent's chin.
deadlyThe assassin delivered the deadly blow with precision and stealth.
suddenThe sudden blow knocked him unconscious.
violentThe violent blow shattered the glass window.
devastatingThe devastating blow knocked him unconscious.
cruelThe cruel blow of fate left him shattered.
stunningWith a stunning blow the boxer sent his opponent crashing to the canvas.
majorThe injury to the star quarterback was a major blow to the team's playoff hopes.
bitterThe bitter blow of the economic crisis has left many people struggling to make ends meet.
tremendousThe sudden death of their CEO was a tremendous blow to the company.
powerfulThe fighter delivered a powerful blow to his opponent.
staggeringThe staggering blow knocked him unconscious.
unexpectedThe sudden breakup was an unexpected blow to her.
mightyThe knight delivered a mighty blow to the dragon's head.
bigThe sudden gust of wind was a big blow to the sailors attempting to anchor their ship.
sadThe sad blow left him reeling.
terrificThe announcement last month came as a terrific blow to the team.
doubleThe double blow of losing her job and her home left her devastated.
grievousThe sudden death of his parents was a grievous blow to him.
heaviestThe heaviest blow came from the realization that his words had no effect.
slightA slight blow caused the leaves to flutter gently.
quickThe strong wind was a quick blow to the house.
smartThe smart blow knocked the opponent out.
dreadfulThe accident was a dreadful blow to the family.
worstThe worst blow came when he was diagnosed with cancer.
effectiveHe delivered an effective blow to his opponent.
swiftThe samurai's swift blow ended the battle with a single stroke.
hardestLife's hardest blow falls heavily upon the man who can't adjust himself to changing conditions.
savageThe savage blow left him reeling in pain.
lightThe light blow swayed the slender branches of the weeping willow.
fearfulThe fearful blow sent shockwaves through the crowd.
stingingThe stinging blow left him reeling, both physically and emotionally.
heavierThe heavier blow sent the fighter crashing to the canvas.
damagingThe accident was considered to be a damaging blow to the leading team.
smashingThe team delivered a smashing blow to their opponents, ending the game with an overwhelming victory.
severestThe freezing temperatures dealt the town the severest blow
viciousThe vicious blow knocked him out cold.
painfulThe painful blow left him writhing in agony.
freshThe fresh blow carried the scent of the sea.
psychologicalThe psychological blow from the rejection left her shattered.
awfulThe awful blow of the hurricane left the island in ruins.
impendingThe impending blow from the hurricane was inevitable.
lethalThe assassin delivered the lethal blow with a single, swift thrust of his blade.
foulThe boxer was disqualified for a foul blow
counterThe attack was met with a ferocious counter blow
vigorousThe boxer dodged the vigorous blow with ease.
fierceThe storm unleashed its fierce blow on the coastal village.
massiveThe company's stock price took a massive blow in the market crash.
downThe strong down blow knocked out the old tree.
harderThe storm battered the coast with a harder blow
shrewdThe shrewd blow gave him the victory he had been seeking for so long.
disastrousThe disastrous blow caused widespread devastation.
biggestThe latest economic data dealt the biggest blow to the government's plan.
irreparableThe company's reputation suffered an irreparable blow after the scandal.
vitalThe swordsman delivered the vital blow to his opponent.
harshThe harsh blow sent him reeling.
furiousThe boxer delivered a furious blow to his opponent's face.

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