Adjectives for Blowing

Adjectives For Blowing

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing blowing, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'blowing' can transform the phrase's impact and meaning, highlighting the subtleties and nuances of the situation or object being described. From the sharp 'whistle' that cuts through silence, the delicate art of 'glass' creating shapes and colors, to the ethereal and 'divine' aspects out of our control. The phrase can also convey the serenity of a 'night' or the intense revelation of a 'mind' being enlightened. Each adjective unlocks a different dimension and evokes unique images and emotions, illustrating the power of language to color our perceptions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring 'blowing' to life, and discover how each adds its flavor to this versatile noun.
whistleThe whistle blowing on the corruption scandal led to the resignation of several high-level officials.
glassThe intricate art of glass blowing requires great skill and precision.
divineThe divine blowing of the wind moved through the trees.
herShe was standing on the deck, her blowing in the wind.
hornThe horn blowing signaled the start of the race.
ritualThe ritual blowing of the conch shell marked the start of the ceremony.
indianThe wind was indian blowing through the trees.
noseI hate nose blowing during cold season.
deadThe sniper took out the target with a dead blowing maneuver.
selfThe balloon was self blowing
everThe wind was ever blowing making the trees dance in the field.

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