Adjectives for Board

Adjectives For Board

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing board, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'board' can significantly alter the message and tone of your sentence. Describing a board as 'local' brings a sense of community involvement and accessibility, while 'editorial' suggests content control and journalistic standards. Terming a board as 'new' highlights its freshness and potential for innovation, whereas 'advisory' emphasizes its role in providing guidance. An 'executive' board connotes a high level of authority and decision-making power, and a 'central' board suggests it is at the heart of operations. Each adjective unveils a distinct facet of the board, enriching your communication with nuanced meaning. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'board' below to discover how each can influence your narrative.
localThe local board approved the plans for the new school.
editorialThe editorial board of the New York Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.
newThe new board members were introduced at the meeting.
advisoryThe advisory board met to discuss the company's financial future.
executiveThe executive board will meet next week to discuss the company's future.
centralThe central board decided to take strict action against the erring candidates.
nationalThe national board of directors voted to approve the new policy.
fullWe decided to book the vacation with full board as we didn't want to worry about cooking or finding restaurants.
supervisoryThe supervisory board is responsible for overseeing the company's management and ensuring that it acts in the best interests of the shareholders.
woodenThe children used a long wooden board to build a ramp for their cars.
medicalThe medical board has investigated the incident and found no wrongdoing.
whiteThe teacher wrote on the white board with a marker.
specialThe special board was used for making important decisions.
soundingHaving a sounding board can be a great way to get an outside perspective on your ideas.
seaThe sea board was long and sandy.
flouredSprinkle flour on the floured board before rolling out the dough.
ouijaThe children were playing with a Ouija board late into the night, when suddenly the spirits began to speak.
entireThe entire board voted in his favor.
printedI attached the printed board to the back of the electronic device.
aboveThe company promised to keep the negotiations above board
independentThe audit committee was made up of five independent board members.
administrativeThe administrative board enforced new rules for the employees.
jointThe joint board approved the new budget, which will take effect next month.
flatThe flat board lay on the ground, waiting to be used.
separateThe matters are discussed to completion with two separate boards.
festiveWe spent Thanksgiving at a festive board with traditional dishes and warm fellowship.
electronicThe electronic board displayed the latest news and updates.
manThe man boarded the plane.
municipalThe municipal board discussed the issue of expanding the city limits.
officialThe official board discussed the proposal at length.
bottomThe bottom board of the hive is essential for keeping the bees healthy.
keyI accidentally spilled coffee on my key board and now it's not working.
provincialThe provincial board approved the budget for the new school.
thinThe thin board was easily bent out of shape.
federalThe federal board is responsible for regulating the banking industry.
footHe put his feet up on the foot board and fell asleep.
inchThe inch board was the perfect size for the small project.
regionalThe regional board has approved the new construction project.
hospitableThe hospitable board was laden with delicious food and drinks.
topThe top board of the company released the financial report.
theThe board was wiped clean after the meeting.
looseThe loose board creaked under my feet as I walked across the old wooden bridge.
corporateThe corporate board convened to discuss the company's latest financial results.
institutionalThe institutional board approved the research proposal.
soundThe sound board reverberated with the laughter of the audience.
runningI stepped onto the running board and climbed into the truck.
sideI put the dirty dishes on the side board
frontThe skater expertly executed a front board on the rail.
electedThe elected board met with the mayor to discuss the city budget.
smoothThe smooth board slid effortlessly across the table.
corrugatedThe corrugated board was a sturdy material that could withstand heavy loads.
thickThe thick board served as a makeshift table.
backThe dunk hit the back board with a loud bang.
narrowThe narrow board was too small for him to stand on.
stateThe state board has strict rules for regulating the industry.
statutoryThe responsibility of ensuring regulatory oversight in the tourism industry rests with the statutory board known as the Singapore Tourism Board.
horizontalThe horizontal board was made of sturdy oak.
verticalThe vertical board is made of oak.
switchThe switch board was full of wires and connections.
circuit"The small circuit board was full of intricate patterns.
perpetuatingThe perpetuating board of the institute decided to postpone the meeting.

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