Adjectives for Boards

Adjectives For Boards

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing boards, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'boards' can significantly alter the image and context conveyed in a sentence. Whether describing 'local boards' that evoke a sense of community and immediacy, 'wooden boards' that bring to mind the natural and tactile qualities of materials, or 'various boards' that suggest diversity and variety, each adjective adds a distinct flavor and depth. The choice between 'several' and 'rough' can hint at quantity or texture, while 'regional boards' might imply areas of governance or local specialties. Crafting the perfect sentence involves selecting adjectives that match the nuances you wish to express. Explore our comprehensive list below to find the adjective that best suits your boards.
localLocal boards help communities make decisions about land use and zoning.
woodenThe wooden boards creaked under her feet.
variousVarious boards were scattered around the room.
severalThere were several boards in the back yard.
roughThe rough boards creaked under her feet as she walked across the old bridge.
regionalThe regional boards of the company had a meeting to discuss the new product launch.
advisoryThe company's advisory boards provide guidance and support on strategic issues.
bareThe bare boards of the stage were all that remained of the play.
mostI have a new deck with most boards
corporateCorporate boards are responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of a company and ensuring that it is run in the best interests of its shareholders.
clothThe book had blue cloth boards with the title in gold letters.
printedThe printed boards were carefully inspected before being assembled.
originalThe original boards creaked under his weight.
separateSeparate boards are used for project approval and research proposals.
administrativeThe administrative boards met to discuss changes in policy.
electronicOur portfolio includes a range of electronic boards for industrial applications.
wideThe floor had wide boards
municipalThe municipal boards have been in charge of public works since the city's inception.
medicalThe medical boards are responsible for licensing and regulating physicians.
bevelledThe bevelled boards creaked under the weight of the old man.
thinThe thin boards creaked under his weight.
supervisorySupervisory boards are responsible for overseeing the management of a company.
looseThe old porch had a few loose boards that creaked underfoot.
inchI used 1x6 inch boards to make the frame.
independentThis company has prioritized creating independent boards that include women and minorities.
jointThe joint boards of directors issued a statement expressing their concerns about the proposed merger.
statutoryThe government has set up several statutory boards to regulate various sectors of the economy.
editorialThe editorial boards of several major newspapers have endorsed the candidate.
institutionalThe institutional boards of the university met to discuss the curriculum changes.
respectiveThe two companies' respective boards of directors have approved the acquisition.
bottomThe beekeeper checked the bottom boards for mites and disease.
provincialThe decisions of provincial boards can be appealed to the Court of Appeals within fifteen 15 days from receipt of a copy thereof.
numerousThe numerous boards were piled high in the shed.
narrowThe narrow boards creaked under the weight of the heavy object.
thickI used thick boards to construct the fence.
verticalThe vertical boards supported the heavy roof.
flatThe builders carefully aligned the flat boards before nailing them together.
hardThe hard boards creaked under his weight.
regulatoryThe regulatory boards are responsible for overseeing the financial industry.
extraThe carpenter had extra boards left over from the project.
horizontalThe horizontal boards were sanded and varnished.
officialThe official boards met to discuss the new legislation.
denominationalVarious denominational boards provide opportunities for service learning.
executiveExecutive boards typically consist of the CEO, CFO, and other top-level managers.
circuitThe computer's circuit boards were fried during the power surge.
paroleThe parole boards met to consider the cases of several inmates.
sidedThe carpenter used three-sided boards to create a unique design for the table.
plainThe plain boards provided a sturdy and level surface for the new construction.
nonprofitNonprofit boards provide oversight and guidance to organizations.
footThe horse trainer had his foot boards out exercising the new colt.
marbledThe marbled boards offered a sleek and sophisticated surface for the appetizers.
greenStudents wrote on the green boards
soundingHe often used his wife and close friends as sounding boards for his new ideas.
sawnI need to buy some sawn boards for my project.
civilianThe civilian boards of the Department of Defense provide policy and oversight for the military departments.
smoothThe carpenter carefully sanded the smooth boards to prepare them for the project.
brokenThe old barn had broken boards and a leaky roof.
sideThe waitress put the side boards on the table as the family sat down to eat.

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