Adjectives for Book

Adjectives For Book

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing book, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a book can reveal a world of nuance and specificity. Whether it's the first book that opened your eyes to a new genre, a little book that held profound truths, or a new book that's taking the literary world by storm, each adjective adds a layer of meaning. A second book by an author might show growth or change, while a whole book devoured in one sitting speaks volumes about its captivation. The present book you're reading might be your current adventure. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives we associate with books for a deeper insight into your reading experiences.
firstI read my first book when I was five years old.
littleI picked up the little book and flipped through its pages.
newI just got a new book for my birthday.
secondShe reached for her second book on the shelf.
wholeI read the whole book in one sitting.
presentThe present book offers a comprehensive overview of modern linguistics.
recentI read a recent book about the history of the world.
textThe student opened his text book and began to read.
lastI finished reading the last book in the series.
entire"It took me an entire book to realize he was meant to be a villain."
thirdI hope the third book will be as fascinating as previous ones.
excellentI read an excellent book last night.
bestI love reading the best book
openThe teacher asked us to take out our open books and begin reading.
interestingI found an interesting book at the library.
yearI remember my year book from high school.
famousThe famous book was a great read.
fourthI am reading the fourth book in the series.
popularThe popular book was read by many people.
latestI'm enjoying my latest book it's a real page-turner.
bigI have a big book
handThe hand book was filled with detailed information about the company's policies and procedures.
usefulThe useful book provided valuable information.
comicI love to read comic books.
valuableI found a valuable book in the library.
earlierI had read about it in an earlier book
sacredThe sacred book is revered by the people of the faith.
remarkableShe handed her the remarkable book and the woman was grateful.
holyThe holy book contains many teachings and stories.
forthcomingI'm eagerly anticipating the release of the author's forthcoming book
fifthI am reading the fifth book of the series.
beautifulI love reading this beautiful book
sixthI read the sixth book in the series last night.
thisThis book is a good read.
delightfulI found this to be a delightful book filled with vivid descriptions and memorable characters.
influentialThe influential book shaped the thoughts of a generation.
favoriteMy favorite book is "The Great Gatsby".
fascinatingI was engrossed in the fascinating book for hours.
printedI prefer the feel of a printed book in my hands.
blueShe kept a blue book in her bag.
classicI love to read classic books.
boundThe bound book was covered in a fine leather.
comprehensiveI referred to a comprehensive book for the research.
rareThe rare book had been out of print for centuries.
minuteLeave it in the minute book in the cabinet.
hymnThe choir sang hymns from the hymn book
sealedHer past was a sealed book to him.
commonplaceShe meticulously recorded her observations in her commonplace book
readableThe well-written article was a readable book that made learning about the subject enjoyable.
pageThe page book is full of interesting stories.
admirableThe admirable book was a testament to the author's dedication and passion.
strippedThe stripped book lay bare and open on the table.
knownI have read the known book
charmingThe charming book captivated readers with its enchanting prose.
seventhThe seventh book in the series was my favorite.
sellingI am selling books online.
thickHe carried a thick book in his hand.
eighthI'm so excited to read the eighth book in the series!
dayPlease enter the transaction in the day book

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