Adjectives for Boost

Adjectives For Boost

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing boost, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a boost can significantly impact the perception of that boost's extent and importance. A big boost implies a noticeable but perhaps not transformational change. In contrast, a tremendous boost suggests an extraordinary and likely very impactful increase. When you say a great boost, it connotes a positive and beneficial uplift, whereas a major boost emphasizes its criticalness and substantial nature. Opting for further suggests ongoing improvement, and significant denotes importance and noteworthiness. The choice of adjective shapes the message's intensity and focus, guiding the audience's understanding and expectations. Explore our full list of carefully selected adjectives to perfectly frame your boosts.
bigThe big boost helped him to achieve his goals faster.
tremendousThe new technology has given the company's efficiency a tremendous boost
greatThe new marketing campaign provided a great boost to the company's sales.
majorThe major boost will give the team the confidence they need to win.
furtherThe company's shares rose further boost on the positive news.
significantThe introduction of new technology provided a significant boost to productivity.
extraThe extra boost of caffeine helped me power through my workout.
psychologicalThe unexpected gift gave me a much needed psychological boost
enormousThe new technology gave the company's sales an enormous boost
hugeThe new policy giving free healthcare to all citizens came as a huge boost to the local economy.
realThe tutor gave the student a real boost in confidence.
considerableThe investment provided a considerable boost to the local economy.
additionalThis additional boost of energy helped him to finish the race.
importantTheir arrival provides an important boost to our organization's strength and morale.
littleThe little boost of confidence gave her the courage to try again.
substantialThe company's profits received a substantial boost from the new product launch.
powerfulThe new engine provided a powerful boost to the car's performance.
economicThe new shopping mall is expected to provide a significant economic boost to the local community.
strongThe new product launch gave the company's sales a strong boost
biggestThe biggest boost to the economy has come from the tourism industry.
neededThe team needed boost to perform better in the project.
initialThe initial boost provided by the caffeine was enough to get me through the day.
temporaryThe caffeine provided a temporary boost to his energy levels.
addedThe team faced an added boost in confidence after their victory.
muchThe new engine provides much boost to the car's performance.
greatestThe greatest boost to his courage came from his friends.
unexpectedThe unexpected boost in sales gave us the confidence to expand our operations.
welcomeThe new product launch provided a welcome boost to sales.
financialThe company will get a financial boost from the new investors.
quickI need a quick boost of caffeine to get through this afternoon.
immediateThis new product gave me an immediate boost
massiveThe massive boost in sales was attributed to the new marketing campaign.
finalThe final boost sent the rocket soaring into space.
moralThe unexpected victory gave the team a much-needed moral boost
slightThe slight boost in sales was attributed to a successful marketing campaign.
postThe post boost vaccine provided additional protection against the COVID-19 virus.
primeThe best way to get protection from the coronavirus is a two-part process called prime boost
necessaryThe necessary boost helped me complete the project on time.
termThe documents are relevant to the term boost
dramaticThe new technology campaign led to a dramatic boost in sales.
emotionalThe motivational speech gave me an emotional boost that lasted the entire day.
terrificThe new product launch gave the company's sales a terrific boost
immenseThe immense boost in productivity has been a major win for the company.
trebleThe high frequencies of the guitar were enhanced by the treble boost pedal.
suddenThe team experienced a sudden boost in performance after the new coach joined.
biggerThe performance got an even bigger boost when the software was upgraded.
niceThe donation was a nice boost to the charity's coffers.
healthyThe smoothie gave me a healthy boost of energy.
modestThe modest boost in sales was attributed to the new marketing campaign.
decisiveThe decisive boost provided by the new technology propelled the project forward.
sharpThe new technology gave her company a sharp boost in online sales.
artificialThe artificial boost in sales was due to the targeted advertising campaign.
valuableThe valuable boost provided by the mentor helped the student excel in the competition.
wonderfulThe wonderful boost of caffeine helped me get through the long day.
vitalThe manager's words gave the team a vital boost in confidence before the big game.
concomitantThe concomitant boost in serotonin levels increased the subject's sense of well-being.
definiteThe introduction of the new technology gave the company's productivity a definite boost
nutritionalThis smoothie provides a nutritional boost with its blend of fruits, vegetables, and protein powder.
mightyThe mighty boost of caffeine helped him stay awake all night.
crucialThe crucial boost in funding has allowed us to accelerate our research and development efforts.
unprecedentedThe company's recent marketing campaign provided an unprecedented boost to sales.
timelyThe timely boost helped the team reach their goal.
occasionalShe was feeling a bit tired, so she had an occasional boost of caffeine to help her get through the day.
giantThe new product launch gave the company a giant boost
hydroApply the serum twice a day with a gentle hydro boost to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.
incredibleThe team received an incredible boost from their new coach.

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