Adjectives for Borders

Adjectives For Borders

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing borders, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'borders' carries weight and depth, varying remarkably with its descriptive adjectives. 'National' borders evoke a sense of identity and sovereignty, outlining the physical and metaphysical boundaries that define countries. 'Own' borders, on the other hand, hint at personal spaces and emotional limits. Meanwhile, directional adjectives like 'northern', 'western', and 'eastern' offer geographical precision, contributing to a more tactile understanding of location and orientation. 'International' borders underscore the idea of crossing, networking, and interaction across global frontiers. Each adjective, thus, adds a layer of meaning, painting a vivid picture of boundaries, territories, and personal spaces. Dive deeper into how different adjectives unveil distinct nuances of 'borders' in our full list below.
nationalThe national borders were strictly guarded.
ownThis country remains within its own borders rather than extending its power.
northernThe northern borders of the country are protected by a vast mountain range.
westernThe western borders of the country were heavily fortified.
easternThe prisoners were marched to the eastern borders of the country.
internationalThe country's international borders were closed due to a pandemic.
southernThe southern borders of the country are heavily fortified.
lowerWe hired designers to create new lower borders for our website.
openThe politician advocated for open borders and unrestricted immigration.
irregularThe country's irregular borders made it difficult to control the flow of people and goods.
veryThe very borders of the town were a sight to behold.
definedThe country has defined borders
outerThe outer borders of the city were heavily fortified.
blackThe photograph had black borders around it.
posteriorThe distal fibers of the anterior root of C3 run along the posterior borders of the lower cervical roots and ventral to the superior ganglion.
externalThe external borders of the European Union are the borders between the EU and the rest of the world.
redThe thrift store had stacks of old books with red borders left on the shelves.
territorialThe territorial borders of the country were disputed by its neighbors.
internalThe nation has three internal borders
scottishThe Scottish borders is a council area in the south of Scotland.
sharpThe sharp borders of the lake cut through the landscape like a knife.
narrowThe two countries share narrow borders
medialThe medial borders of the forebrain are marked by the lateral sulci.
culturalThe cultural borders between these two countries have blurred over time.
decorativeThe ornate book had decorative borders that enhanced its elegant appearance.
lateralThe lateral borders of the park were marked by a row of trees.
anteriorThe anterior borders of the clavicle and scapula are rough for ligament attachment.
distinctThe map showed all the countries with their distinct borders
wideThe park had wide borders of flowers.
indistinctThe faded painting had indistinct borders that blurred into the surrounding wall.
geographicalThe geographical borders of the country have been disputed for centuries.
innerI hope there are no inner borders within my mind.
ornamentalThe ornate wallpaper featured intricate ornamental borders around each panel.
superiorThe dermis is made of connective tissues that form the superior borders of the skin.
porousWater could pass through the porous borders of the sponge-like material.
herbaceousThe herbaceous borders were a riot of color, with daisies, poppies, and irises blooming in profusion.
secureWe need to secure borders to protect our country.
upperThe upper borders of the canvas were decorated with colorful ribbons.
germanThe German borders were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
smoothThe waves glided over the smooth borders of the sandy shore.
mixedThe garden had mixed borders of flowers and vegetables.
inferiorThe inferior borders of the lungs rest upon the diaphragm.
broadThe garden was full of flowers with broad borders in a rainbow of colors.
darkThe old photographs had dark borders that gave them a sense of nostalgia.
colonialThe colonial borders were drawn with little regard to the cultural and ethnic makeup of the people who lived there.
geographicThe geographic borders of the country have been redrawn several times over the centuries.
polishThe polish borders were closed due to the pandemic.
welshThe Welsh borders are home to a variety of beautiful landscapes.
cytoplasmicThe cytoplasmic borders are no longer clearly visible.
blueThe old map had blue borders
chineseThe Chinese borders are some of the longest in the world.
perennialThe perennial borders were a riot of color all summer long.
administrativeThe administrative borders have been redrawn to reflect the new population distribution.
provincialThe provincial borders were closed due to the pandemic.
defensibleThe castle had defensible borders that protected it from attack.
respectiveThe two countries agreed to respect their respective borders
canadianThe Canadian borders are vast and can be difficult to patrol.
1967The boundaries are fixed along the 1967 borders
coloredThe picture frames had beautiful colored borders
greenThe garden was surrounded by green borders
bottomThe bottom borders of the countries are shown on the map.
adjacentThe two countries share adjacent borders
flowerThe flower borders were filled with vibrant blooms.
closedThe government's closed borders policy prevented foreign investment.
colouredThe poster had beautiful coloured borders that really made it stand out.
outsideThe outside borders of the box were painted red.
continentalI loved to drive along the continental borders in my youth.
artificialThe artificial borders drawn on the map did not reflect the true cultural diversity of the region.
racialThe racial borders that once divided society are slowly fading away.
floralThe garden path was lined with vibrant floral borders

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