Adjectives for Born

Adjectives For Born

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing born, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe born can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, conveying subtle depths of meaning. A foreign-born individual carries the rich tapestry of an origin beyond the borders. Meanwhile, a new-born represents the purest form of beginning, embodying hope and new possibilities. The term true-born invokes notions of authenticity and undisputed origin, whereas native-born emphasizes an intrinsic bond with a place. First-born captures the unique status and expectations placed on the initial offspring, and twice-born suggests a profound transformation or rebirth. Each adjective unlocks a different dimension of identity and belonging. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with born to grasp the rich narratives they unveil.
newThe new born baby was sleeping soundly.
trueThe true born Englishman loves his country.
nativeThe native born of the country are the most likely to speak the language.
firstMy first born is a beautiful baby girl.
twiceShe came down the stairs as calm as a twice born angel.
wellHe was a well born man who had been brought up in luxury.
newlyThe newly born baby was wrapped in a soft blanket.
naturalShe is a natural born leader.
germanThe german born scientist Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity.
englishMr. Scott was a big, strong, intelligent, english born gentleman
stillThe baby was still born after a difficult labor.
mexicanShe was mexican born and raised in Los Angeles.
britishThe british born man was proud of his heritage.
starThe star born in the celestial tapestry emblazoned a radiant trail across the night sky.
liveThe number of live born children was significantly higher in the intervention group.
graphicThe young men are very graphic born
afterAfter born the kittens were taken care of by their mother.
africanHe was an African born raised in England, but returned to his homeland to teach.
enoughHe had had enough born that day to last him a lifetime.
kinglyThe kingly born prince was destined to rule the kingdom.
cauldronThe cauldron born witch hovered above her bubbling potion.
overseasHer overseas born son is a software engineer.
heavenThe new law was a heaven born idea.
regimentHis regiment born away through the siege.
battleThe battle born warriors fought valiantly against the invading army.
sweatThe sweat born of labor glistened on his brow.
coulombThe coulomb born approximation is a good starting point for calculating the scattering cross section.
biographicalHer name is biographical born
desertThe desert born boy was tough and used to the harsh conditions.
printedThe book was printed born meaning it was created without a physical manuscript.
unknownThe author's unknown born date remains a mystery.
twinThe twin born last week is doing well.
mindThe mind born monsters were frightening, and the hero was scared.
cloudThe castle, cloud born perched upon the highest peak, watched over the realms below.
seaThe sea born princess was beautiful and brave.
israeliHe is an Israeli born citizen.
oftThe oft born child was welcomed by the villagers.
beingBeing born into a wealthy family has its advantages.
indochineseMy mother is indochinese born
firmThe firm born from our collaboration has been successful.
norwegianThe norwegian born woman is very proud of her country.
asianThe asian born student was very intelligent.
skyThe sky born bird soared through the air.
innateHis innate born talent was evident from a young age.
maternalShe was raised in a loving and supportive family, where her maternal born culture was celebrated and encouraged.
cubanThe cuban born medical doctor was very proud of his heritage.
yankeeThe old Yankee born soldier knew the truth of the situation.

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